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Wooohooo, one more run to go!!!


I finally managed to get out of the door this morning for week 9 run 2. It was tough, I wasn't feeling that great, despite 10 hours sleep last night. Because I was so sleepy in the last 24 hours, I decided to take my temperature before I left and, who'd have guessed, I had a fever :-( I really didn't want to postpone my run, so I popped a couple of paracetomol, had a drink of water, waited 15 minutes for temp to drop below 38C and went for my run (slow jog more like). Now, I know I shouldn't do that, and I probably wouldn't again, but I survived. I did it. I'm nearly a graduate :-) Do I really have to have a rest day tomorrow? :-(

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Yes, you absolutely must have a rest day tomorrow. If you're running a fever, then pushing it two days running could set you back a lot longer. Can understand your enthusiasm to graduate, but there's more to running than C25K, you know! It's only the beginning and you don't want to sabotage your health.

Good luck for Friday and enjoy it without running a fever!

vixiejGraduate in reply to Vivwestie

I took your advice and rested :-)


Sorry you are feeling poorly... but good on you for getting out there and running! As a brand-new graduate, I will be waiting by the proverbial door to welcome you to the clubhouse! :-D

vixiejGraduate in reply to IronMatt

thanks, I finally made it yesterday!

hi vixiej you took a real risk running with a fever-but we do it anyway, don't we? Well done on completing the course. You are now a Graduate, and like ironMatt we look forward to seeing the banner against your name. No running until Monday-get the fever sorted first, that's number one priority, your health. Then you will be fit to tackle 5+. Congratulations and happy running :-)

vixiejGraduate in reply to Pearsey

yes, I won't do it again, it was daft and knocked me out totally


Wines a chilling and getting ready to celebrate!!! :-) I hope you feel better for your grad run!!!! :-)

vixiejGraduate in reply to gdeann

whoop whoop, I did it!

Fantastic vixiej-you are a GRADUATE!!!!! Whoop! Whoop!!

Well done Vixiej-you did it!! Congratulations-you are now a GRADUATE! Whoop! Whoop! Only 2 more runs and I join you! :-)

vixiejGraduate in reply to Pearsey

Thanks Pearsey and well done, see you at the grad party! :-)

Sure will vixiej :-)


Good on you👍😊 but suggest you definitely have your rest day!! May prevent injury 😊 wow fantastic just 1 run what a feeling!! I'm counting my runs 9 to go!!!

Congrats. Good effort. I would like to start too. Not sure how easy it is to download the app.

vixiejGraduate in reply to Megbird

Hi Megbird, my graduation was a little while ago, not sure how I resurfaced, but thank you :-)

Go for it, this programme is amazing, and has truly transformed my life. You will discover along the way, it's not just about running, there is so much more to it, and being part of this amazing supportive community is a big part of it. I've made lifelong friends here.

Megbird in reply to vixiej

Brilliant and thank you. I realise that you were on here a while ago afterwards. You are back now so please give us more tips.xx

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