One more to go

Well I wasn't sure that this morning's run would happen, having needed to pay several visit's to the bathroom (I'm sure I don't need to be more explicit that that!). I was determined that today would be the day for W8R2, so I decided to ignore the rumblings that my body was making and go out before the rain came (which it did, just as I finished)

The fact that I managed to get Runkeeper to find the gps signal for the first time in ages was a good omen. So off I set. What is it about breaking into a run/jog/shuffle that instantly make me feel like I need to pee? Am I the only one or do lots of us feel this?

Anyway, to cut a long and not particularly exciting story short, I did it again. 30 minutes non-stop running/jogging/shuffling. That means only graduation run to go!

I haven't stuck properly to the programme for the last few weeks, I've missed out a few runs and have abandoned Laura, so I've told myself that I haven't graduated until I run 3 lots of 30 minutes in a row. I'm a little apprehensive about Sunday as the forecast is for much lower temperatures, which effect the asthma, but hopefully determination and sheer bloody mindedness will win!

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  • oh God, Sian as soon as im strapped in to my running pants I seem to want to wee!

    well done for another 30 minutes run!!

    why dont you order your t shirt now ready for your graduation ;-) by the time it comes you'd have DONE IT!!! yipppeeeeee!

    ali :-) x

  • Would that be tempting fate?? x

  • nah!!! optimism sian, and confidence, come on!! x

  • Very well done, soon to be Graduate! :-) I can go most of the day without pee breaks, but just as soon as I get ready to run, the urge hits several times! Must be a woman thing! ;-) I say: order the shirt! What color are you going to get? Steve and I went to order them the week of our Graduation, but shipping to the States was outrageous for the two. We just decided to treat ourselves to Garmins instead. ;-) Looking forward to your Grad blog!! Gayle

  • A pale blue one methinks Gayle. :-)

  • I'm glad I'm not the only victim of need-to-pee syndrome! ;-)

  • I'm right there with you too! And normally the urge reappears at 5 mins in. :-)

    I've got the pale blue top, looks good.

    Viki :-)

  • After 3 children I'm so with u on this, only 4 times have I not had to find a bush, sorry too much info xx

  • I hope the graduation run goes well, Sian - I look forward to seeing your celebratory blog in the next few days! They're forecasting snow here on Sunday :( so I hope your breathing isn't compromised by the cold and you can enjoy your run.

    I'm with you on the ntp syndrome - and worse! Five minutes after I start running my body seems to go into rebellion :D

  • Really enough of the pee talk already! Well done to you Sian you seem to

    just improve every time you run. Youre such a huge inspiration to me.

    Will you run away with me?

    Ed x

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