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One run to go :) :)


Yes, I have done two of my W9 runs, both of which were really quite fun. On Friday I ran past the airport, and it was a bit like a film montage as the sun came out and a plane took off over my head. Yesterday I had a bit of a break as I went out for a run with a friend who is just getting back into running. We covered quite a distance but it was all run-walk - lovely to get off the usual route and go into woodlands/countryside where I wouldn't be brave enough to run on my own. It was really encouraging (in a "yay me" way, not in any way a judging my friend way!) to find that at the points where she was having to stop, I was barely out of breath - it shows me how far I've come as when I started the programme after Christmas I was where she is now.

So, having been stuck on W8 since the beginning of March, I can tell you all that I have really and truly had enough of You and Julie!! BUT - tomorrow will be my last run. Graduation looms.

Good luck everyone and thank you for all your support. For those of you just starting out, or contemplating the scary step up of weeks 5 and 6, trust me - YOU CAN DO IT!

Oh, and if you get any pains, please do see someone about decent shoes. I could have saved myself a lot of grief if I'd got my new shoes earlier.

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So close now! Enjoy your graduation run.


It's a particularly annoying song on the podcasts which is included in weeks 8 and 9 and which has been going round my head on a non-stop loop for the last two months. If you're lucky enough to be using the app you won't know what I mean :)


Sounds like you're on a roll, Snorkmaiden. Just one more... and it will be a fun one. You will feel so good, knowing that you have fully recovered and completed the programme. Go, go, go!


Glad you are enjoying your last week of the programme. Good luck with your graduation run tomorrow and very best wishes. Look forward to seeing your graduation post.


Lovely post. And as I continue through week 9 "You and Julie" has become a perpetual earworm of mine :) happy running!

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