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One more run to go! 2 questions:

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Hi everyone. For the first time ever, i stuck to a programme and am doing r3 w9 tomorrow 😁 feeling great and motivate to continue running 3x a week or every 2nd day....

I am still finding, strangely, that the first 10mins are the hardest, then i get really into it and yesterday for the first time i was even able to do a mini sprint in the last 5 mins! I loved it.

Question is: why are the first 10 mins still the worst? Shouldn't those be my best as i have grown a bit in fitness?

Second question: i have been on the coast since week 7 started. Normally i live in Johannesburg which is 1750 m above sea level. Is this maybe the reason it's gone so well? I'm now worried when i get home after this holiday i will struggle to even run 20min, because of the altitude... is this to be expected?



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What your first question refers to is known as the toxic 10 as your body tries to get used to the fact that you want it to run !

Your body takes time to get used to this .

Google toxic 10 while running 😁

It can take time to get your pace right and your breathing comfortable.

As for your second question, yes, it will make a difference as to the oxygen you can get into your body , whether it is noticeable is difficult to say, however you will re climatise 😁

Almare1 in reply to Instructor57

Thank you! Fortunately my holiday ends after my last run, so if i find it tough it won't stop me from completing that "qualifying" run (though clearly worrying about that is a bit silly!)

Glad to know i will reclimatise.. hopefully quickly. Everything is better when on holiday isn't it?

Thanks again. Ill check out Toxic 10 and running 😊



Yes, the air is thicker at sea level. If you've lived a mile high for a considerable time, you will have a definite advantage when running at sea level, for a few weeks at least.


Toxic ten

In answer to your second question, elite athletes train at altitude where the air is thinner to boost oxygen transmission once back at lower levels, so you may find it tougher once you get back home.


Toxic 10 - same as a cold car engine in the morning - it won't 'running' (sorry!) efficiently until it's warmed up. That;s why it''s important to make sure that your 5 minute warm-up walk is really BRISK. As quick as you can manage. The more effective your warm-up, the less 'toxic' (or shorter) that 'toxic 10' will be.


Informative re toxic 10 concept, cheers guys.

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