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Week One Run Two - and I'm giving up :(


Well, I tried to run again last week and my knee swelled up again almost immediately so I'm having to give up again. I feel so disappointed and frustrated and I have no idea when I'll be well enough to run.

At the moment, I'm fed up with C25K, if I'm being honest. I hate that I've gotten so involved with it and I've ended up getting injured so I can't run at all. I wish someone had warned me that this could happen so I could have protected myself better - perhaps if I'd stretched or gone a bit more slowly I'd be in better shape today.

Because I can't run, I'm finding it hard to motivate myself. I wish there was a similar programme for walking! It's so much easier to get out of the house and do something when you're following a programme.

Anyway, I'm trying not to moan so much, I'm just feeling sad today and disappointed that it's going to be a long while before I can run again.

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Its frustrating isn't it?My body doesn't seem to want me to run at the moment either .. I've made It to w6 first time round and w3 this time ...but I have benefited ...I can walk faster and I caught a bus on friday that I wouldn't have before c25k.

Could you give swimming a go? The swimathon is in April with a variety of challenges. I'm going to give it a go.


We are all different, and if you have an underlying problem with your knees best find something thats more suitable.

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between an injury and your body just making a lot of fuss because you are making it work a lot harder. For instance, if you try any new exercise regime, zumba, kettlebells, metafit etc, the next day and the day after all your muscles feel like hell, because they arent used to it.

The advice by Kandoit is quite right, try a low impact exercise programme such as swimming.

PS. If you did your five minutes warm up and five minutes cool down you have probably achieved all that would be achieved by doing stretches.

sercreative in reply to Gazter

Just to explain - my injury was built up over a long time through my first try of the C25K programme. I made it to one run before graduation before I had to give up because I was in too much pain. I went to see an osteopath about it and he told me that as the muscles in my legs are very tight, I shouldn't have done the programme without stretching as I'd put too much pressure on my knee. I also may have done too much too soon.

I don't have an underlying problem with my knee - I'm not overweight and I had no trouble before I started running. I thought I'd gotten better so I tried to run again after three months off but my knee swelled back up again so I've had to give up. I'm really upset about it and I wish someone had told me that this was a possibility because there's no way I would have risked injuring myself.


If your knee is visibly bigger that doesn't sound good at all does it?

You could have a look at Walk4Life and see if there's something there which would fit your idea of a 'programme'

I've recently tried to do more stuff on my non-running days and swimming seemed a good low impact exercise, plus a good discount scheme at my local pool. But I am finding that painful and uncomfortable, knees clicking and feeling all wrong.

TBH with C25K it should be quite possible to do it without that 'so stiff you can't move' afterwards *if* you don't go too fast. But it seems to be surprisingly easy to go too fast!


Feel rotten for you, sercreative. Once your knee feels better you could try walking then walking faster on the running bits of W1 until you feel up to a tiny bit of jogging? Remember, there's no hurry to complete the programme - it can take as long as you need. Build up really slowly and gradually, maybe take more than 2 days rest and see how it goes. We'll all cheer you on if you decide to continue. Good luck whatever you decide.

I know about knees! Currently sitting with an ice pack on mine. I got through to w8r2 before it really started protesting. After a weeks rest I attempted the w8r3, and got through it yesterday, but today, knee is puffy and not good. It seems that while it is in motion, it is not too bad, but if I sit for too long, it does not like to be used again! Its a really bummer that you feel you can't go on, I know I was determined that it was not going to stop me, but slowly thinking that I may have to reconsider if running is right for me. Swimming is meant to be ok, as low impact, but it is not as convenient as running. What I love about it is it is something that you fit into your life, and don't have to rely on opening times, sessions or going somewhere. Whatever you decide, I do hope that you are able to do something that you can enjoy and causes you no more problems, It may be worth trying again when your knee is recovered, but taking it really slowly. Have you thought of using a treadmill? this is a bit softer on the knees than the road.


What a shame about your knee. There is always a little risk with all physical activity. Have you spoke to the oesteopath about getting back into the plan? Maybe he or she will have some stretches you can make a part of your warm up / down routine. Have you tried the Stength and Flex (also with Laura)? I've found that doing this alongside the C25k programme has really helped with my ankle trouble. Here is the link if you're interested.


I do have a series of stretches to do but I'm still experiencing pain so it's probably not a good idea I go back to it for now. I'm just not sure how long it'll be before I can go back... I might try the Strength and Flex programme sometime, just worried I'd feel a bit self-conscious! There's not a lot of exercise you can do which gets your heart rate up without putting too much pressure on your joints. I can't even go swimming because (embarrassing though it is) I don't know how! I can do breast stroke but I heard keeping your head above water is really bad for your back. At the moment I'm looking into taking lessons but I miss running, the podcasts made it so easy. If only there was something similar for walking.

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