Week Eight Run One - and a sob story!

I've had a really rough couple of days and it's affected my running a lot. First, my therapist cancelled our appointment and as I'm on holiday next week it'll be a while before I see her again. It affects me quite a lot when this happens and my mood's dropped as a result. The second thing is that I went to give blood yesterday for the very first time and I couldn't. I don't mean that I chickened out, I mean that there was something wrong with my blood flow and the nurse couldn't get enough in the set timeframe so she gave up :( I felt absolutely dreadful about this, even though I know it's not my fault, and I'm so frustrated that I can't try again for another four months.

It took me a long time to psych myself up to give blood and I was really looking forward to it. It's on my bucket list and I knew I'd feel great about doing it even though I can't stand needles. So when the nurse said it wasn't going to work, I wanted to burst into tears because I felt so useless. Everybody else who was there was giving blood with no problem and it was only me they had to send away. I looked it up later and apparently that's a common occurrence - either because you're dehydrated or your veins are small or you're just a bit cold. I still felt rubbish, though, and I couldn't cheer myself up for the rest of the day.

Because they'd already taken a bit of blood out of me I had all the tired, painful and horrible physical symptoms with none of the great feeling. I was really dehydrated when I got home so I drank buckets of water for the rest of the day. I'm quite glad I did that now because I think it helped me to get out of the door for a run today.

So I DID manage to do Week Eight Run One today even though I was still feeling bad about yesterday. When I set off I wasn't sure if I'd complete it, but I took it nice and steady and talked myself through the hard bits and when Laura told me to stop I nearly started crying all over again because it felt like such an achievement.

I'm off on holiday on Sunday but I'm still hoping to complete my runs while I'm there. I'm a bit nervous about that too because I'm flying by myself and I have to try and find everything when I get there. Still I'll have my laptop with me so hopefully I'll be able to update you all when I get there!


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23 Replies

  • Aaaw bless you hon x Firstly well done for completing you run with everything that has been going on. You should feel proud of yourself.

    I would maybe go for a run when you start feeling so down and disappointed in yourself. If northing gets you out in the fresh air and gets the blood flowing, endorphins flying around etc.

    Meh I tried to give blood once, I blooming hate needles aswell and had to psych myself up. Got half way through the questionnaire/form and they said I couldn't due to my medication. Sucks big time. I do not know what you go to a therapist for but i can guess situations like these do get on top of you. Hopefully your holiday will do you the world of good.

    Take care x

  • Thanks :) It seems there's lots of stories where people couldn't give blood for one reason or another. I was just unlucky cos I seemed to be the only one having a problem on the day I went!

  • Quite picky these blood banks. Maybe next time!

  • My hat goes off to you you should be very proud of yourself to get out there and run while life is falling apart around you. As I said the other day we can all run or do whatever when we are "in the mood" but doing it when we are not or it seems hard thats when you have proved yourself.

    The blood thing was not your fault and something that has happened both to me and my daughter, horrible at the time but you tried thats all that counts.

    I hope you have a great holiday I am sure it will be fine we all worry about things before we go.

  • It's definitely harder to go when you're not feeling well, but I know from experience it's a good idea. It's the same ethos I use to get through depression - "don't wait till you're better, go ahead and do things anyway and you'll GET better". Hard work though!

  • Well done for completing your run depsite all your trials, you should be really proud of yourself. I know I'm being relentlessly optimistic but look at what you've achieved. You're a runner! How many people do you know who can say that - except on this blogsite perhaps.

    Go and have a great holiday, and don't forget us, we're all here cheering you on, if not up!!

    By the way, I tried to give blood here in France. I was told point-blank that Brits can't give blood there and that's for life! Too much time spent eating BSE contaminated chilli in the 1980's! Talk about feeling deflated.

  • I have a friend who is French but lives in UK. She's not allowed to give blood in France either.

  • It's true, I've managed to get this far with the program and everyone who I've told has been impressed :) It's strange how we can't give blood abroad - I'll still settle for being able to do it once in this country!!

  • Tell me about it - I'm German, but I'm not allowed to give blood in Germany, because I was in the UK in 1995/1996. Turned out it's a good thing tho, because they take your blood pressure in Germany and I've got a complete phobia about having mine taken (yes, I know it's stupid and irrational, but I can't help it). Heyho, at least they love me over here, because I'm O- and therefore their favourite person! :-)

  • One time when I went to give blood my arm started bruising part way through so they stopped. Really frustrating. I thought, "well you've bruised me now, you might as well get a donation for it" but they wouldn't.

    Well done for still running in spite of everything. And have a great holiday. It's the last day of my holiday today and I've kept running. It's nice to have a change of scenery!

  • I was like that! I thought 'I've come all the way here, just try the other arm for god's sake' but they couldn't because there wasn't time. I'm hoping I don't get too lost when I run on my holiday...

  • There wasn't time?? Omg the amount of times I hear the give blood advert on the radio and news and they don't have time...

  • Well, the nurse explained to me that if they can't get the required amount in 15 minutes then they don't bother... There were a lot of people queuing up so I guess it makes sense, but if they're that desperate for blood they could have tried to get more beds or staff, I would have been happy to wait as long as it took. It made me feel really bad :(

  • There is a time limit as the blood can start to clot in the tubing if running slowly which then causes problems for you- the last thing the donor service wants. The cells also start to burst which causes problems for the recipient.

    Blood donation is like running- there are good seesions and bad sessions and no way of telling in advance. Please don't let it put you off.

    I've had a few failures over the years- small veins in my case- but even if they don't get the full amount they can sometimes use the smaller amounts for kids, depending on your blood type and the actual amount they got so hopefully that was the fate of your generous donation

  • Ah that makes sense, thanks :) I will try again in October.

  • The South West is tops in the blood donation stakes. For some reason peeps here donate a lot - to the extent that it gets sent to other parts of the country.

  • That's funny, I wonder why that is?

  • Oh Iam sorry for you regarding the blood donatiion :( I tried once and got through most of the questions then couldn't donate because of medication. Still on medication so still cant donate.

    Wk8 - so nearly there. Running is hard (there, I've said it!), but my goodness the feeling of achievement afterwards makes it worth it. You did really well to go out when you were feeling so low - you should be proud of that! It would have been easier not to but hey, you are a RUNNER and thats what we do! :)

  • Thanks :) I did feel very proud of myself for doing it.

    It's nice to hear other people's blood donating stories even if they are frustrating too! Makes me feel I'm not alone.

  • Hi Secreative,

    I know exactly how you feel about the blood donation. It has happened to me on a number of occasions! Do not beat yourself up about it - they get blood out of me abut 60% of the time. If you are not bleeding fast enough they time you out because of the anti-coagulant in the collection bag. I drink lots of water before hand, make sure i'm warm and eat breakfast to ensure my blood sugar is high.

    But the point is you tried and that is important. I too do not like needles and it takes guts and alturism to even try. Over 90% of the population do not get off 'the couch' to try but they expect the blood to be there if they need it.

    Amazing that you managed to go out and run - that takes determination. Have a really good holiday!

  • Thanks :) That means a lot. I do feel proud of myself for trying because it was really nerve-wracking. I have to fly in a plane by myself tomorrow which I've never done before... this week is testing my confidence!!

  • Sercreative, you did not 1 but 2 great things in the last 2 days so you shouldn't be hard on yourself. You did your very best to help another person by giving blood and you managed a W8 run after that! I think that's awesome! Don't be upset by not managing to give a whole pint - they can often still use part donations for research work. I've got my 25 donation pin and it's a bit like running - good days and bad days. It is definitely a bit daunting and scary the first time you go - I had a massive bruise the first time - was perfectly fine for the next 20 and then completely keeled over the next which was pretty embarrassing as I was so blase about it all by then. I've donated again since then several times and been fine - who knows why - just one of those things.

    BTW - do make allowances for the blood you have given. I've only donated once since I started the programme but it completely knocked the running for six for nearly 3 weeks. Have a lovely holiday and update us all when you get back! :-)

  • Thank you :) I hope things go a bit better next time. I'm hoping to keep up the running while I'm away so I'll let everybody know how that goes.

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