First failed run @ Week 9 run 1 :(

Ok so I thought I would change my route today instead of my whole run being along the reasonably level towpath I started out on the route that has a road bridge after a few minutes. Well I clearly can't do inclines - when I got to just below the brow I thought I was going to expire - my lungs hurt so much I had to stop to catch my breath. The first time I've had to stop since starting the programme. I carried on after a minute disappointed but thought I'd see if I could do the rest of the run. After I was back on the towpath about 20 minutes into the run a guy on a bike came past yelling at me to watch out runners would be coming through ... and come though they did - thundering past me and forcing me into the hedge so many times that just after Laura told me I'd done 25 minutes and another wave of runners forced me into a bushes I accepted defeat and took the next alleyway off the towpath and back home. Feeling a bit demoralised now.

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  • Sounds like you're not to blame, besides we all have bad runs. Bridges are good, they build your strength, but I learned to try to do them at the end of the run...

  • But still you were out there and you did most of it. Put it behind you and onto run2 :-)

  • I wouldn't call it a failure - that would be no run at all. Bad runs happen, so don't let it get you down. The next run will probably be back on schedule.

  • That's not failure. Just not the full success. You did 25 mins + and a new route will always present issues, especially new inclines: try to take them gently. Next time I'm sure you'll be fine.

  • I think you've done really well - you didn't give up when things got tough. Keep at it! I know what you mean about the incline - there's a couple of bits on my route which have me struggling, but it's downhill the home stretch, which always feels good! Well done and good luck for the next one!