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W9R3 - Two graduations in one week!


I finally made it through W9R3 this morning - yay! Am pretty chuffed to be honest.

It's actually my second graduation this week - I graduated and got my masters degree last Friday. I'm actually not sure which one I'm more proud of - the one that took me 3 years on top of my job (which I knew I'd get eventually), or the one that took me 9 weeks (which I never imagined I'd be able to do in a million years)!

It's been a bit of a funny time to be honest, but enjoyable. I've always shied away from exercise and am not a naturally sporty person. Yes I'm still hugely slow and a sweaty red faced lump at the end of a run - I'm glad there are no mirrors so I can't see what I look like! I don't think I've lost any weight, and bits of me still wobble in the same way as before. But my energy levels have increased and my mood is so much better than before. And my heart is healthier, which is the main thing.

I've found this forum invaluable for its help and advice - there are times when you've really kept me going, so thank you!

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Yee -ah ! Go Doc ! Many many congratulations on your double graduation, you should be very very proud of yourself ! Well done and good luck in your career and running adventures , you rock ! :-) xxx

rr76Graduate in reply to poppypug

Thank you poppypug - you're pretty awesome yourself!

poppypugGraduate in reply to rr76

I am ? Thankyou so much ! :-) xxx

rr76Graduate in reply to poppypug

Oh yes you are - I always enjoy your posts!

poppypugGraduate in reply to rr76

Thank you very much :-) xxx


Congrats on both graduations! You have done so well. Enjoy your running! x :-)

rr76Graduate in reply to no-excuse

Thank you - I never thought I'd get to the point where I enjoyed exercise, so its a pleasant surprise!

Wow! Congratulations!

rr76Graduate in reply to Rob_and_his_westie

Thank you


Yes!! Congratulations on you (double) graduation ;o) Two great achievements but I would have to say that the c25k is the biggest of the two ;o) You should be feeling chuffed with yourself, I know I did and, if I'm honest, still do ;o) Onwards and upwards.

rr76Graduate in reply to paul2014

Thank you Paul - I'm not surprised you're still feeling chuffed with yourself - you get speedier with every run! I can only see a 30 minute 5K in my dreams!

paul2014Graduate in reply to rr76

I'm sure, if it's what you want to achieve, that you will get there :)

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rr76Graduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you KittyKat


Well done, and what a timing!

Enjoy your double celebration...

Happy running

rr76Graduate in reply to frannyfran

Thank you very much frannyfran.


congratulations and congratulations!!!! :D that is a great week your having!!!

rr76Graduate in reply to Vixchile

Yes it's a pretty good week all round - I think it'll be an eventful week for you too if I remember correctly?

VixchileGraduate in reply to rr76

I hope you have got something nice planned to celebrate. I have two runs left and got the sniffles. I will power on, I can breathe through my mouth


2 graduations!! Many many congratulations. You must be so proud of yourself. C25k completed AND your Masters degree. Very impressive indeedy. Well done :)

rr76Graduate in reply to AncientMum

Thank you Ancient Mum - it's been an eventful week. Enjoying seeing the graduate badge next to my name, which I can't quite believe just yet.


Either one is impressive, to get these two is amazing! Well done.

Hopefully now you will get a job (if you don't have 1 already) in something you enjoy and be amd keep fit and healthy too - that's got to be a win win situation.

Congratulations :-)

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