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Week One Run One - Here we go again!

Hello all, I'm back! Happy to say that my knee no longer hurts and I've been able to start the programme again. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the injury, I've had to start all over again which is irritating as I was only one run away from graduation last time :( Still, it's the smart thing to do as I haven't run since the end of June and my body needs to get used to it again.

I had to stop running because I developed pain and swelling in my left knee. It turns out that the muscles in my legs are very tense and they were putting too much pressure on my joints. Not stretching after runs hadn't helped as well as doing too many runs a week, so I'm going to have to complete C25K my way this time. I'm warming up my muscles before every run and stretching afterwards, as well as doing other stretches in between runs as well. There's no way I'm going to risk the same thing happening again. Also, I'll only be doing two runs a week rather than one every other day.

I did my first run second time around yesterday and pretty much as soon as I left the house it started to rain so I started feeling pretty upset. Of course, after a few minutes listening to Laura I completely forgot about the rain! It was good to remember how much I loved doing the programme last time.

Anyway, it's good to be back and to read other people's accounts. See you next time!

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Good luck Seacreative, I've just had to start again too after a broken wrist and hand, so I'm there with you!


I am in exactly the same situation as you - having to start again due to ITB caused by tight hip flexors and a weak arch in my foot. I have just completed W1 this morning but have to take it all very easily along with physio.

Isn't it amazing how much you enjoy it when you go back? It must be the endorphins but I was feeling so good flying along for a minute at a time this morning!

Good luck and keep us posted x


Welcome back. Glad to hear you're healed or healing - all three of you. I've just come back to the blogsite after a few months absence because I pulled something in my calf straight after graduating in July. What with holidays and taking it slowly I've just got back to feeling happy about running 30 minutes. It all takes so long, but isn't it great that we can all enjoy this again? I hope it goes well for you this time. Let us know how you get on?




Well thats great that you are back too seretive glad the knee is better, I have just done w1d1 which was hard work but we will all get there again I am sure.

Be pleased to support each other as we move along the programme again.


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