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Last run of week 3 and I'm slowing down!

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Hi All! I'm new to the forum so wanted to say hi and ask if anybody else is getting slower the further they get with the couch to 5k? When I started, I could only just run for one minute but I kept going and am almost at the end of week 3. I'm really pleased that I've kept it up but I'm disappointed that I seem to be getting slower! I'd hoped that I would be speeding up by now but every time I check my distance after my run, I've slowed down! I don't suppose it matters very much but I just thought I'd ask if anyone else has experienced this. Thanks.

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I think speed is something of a hang up for many of us but at this point in our new lives as runners it's more about getting the miles under our belts

Then as our strength improves and we are covering the distance an increase in speed will come naturally

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KerrisueGraduate in reply to rolysmate

Thank you for replying. Yes, you're right, I'll keep going and stop obsessing about my speed!

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Polly2810Graduate in reply to Kerrisue

Speed ain't important just enjoy the triumph every time you complete a run!!!

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Well, don't check your distance, you are a newbie, c25k isn't about speed, just be thankful you can do it, think of where you were a few weeks back, yes on the couch so to speak, at the moment just think about how you feel and that you can put one foot in front of the other, and I bet, when you've recovered after a run you feel pretty good,yes? so don't be disheartened by lack of speed, it will come naturally as you go on running, you may have been really overenthusiastic when first starting out so speed was up slightly and you may have been going too fast for a new starter which may have only led to the injury couch, so slow n steady is best with what you feel comfy with, your body still has to get used to the excercise and get fitter, believe me it's quite an amazing transformation! so carry on regardless, your doing great!😊

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KerrisueGraduate in reply to davelinks

Thank you, you're right, I'm feeling pretty amazing and I even look forward to the days when I run so I'll stop checking my speed and just carry on :-) Thanks again.

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Welcome to this brilliant will get so much advice and support on are doing brilliantly by getting off the couch & getting out there...secondly, & I am def no expert as I am only on W5 & have been running for much longer than that as I have repeated certain weeks when I haven't quite completed every run...all I can say is, speed has been the last thing on my mind...getting enough air in my lungs, strength in my legs & building up my stamina is what I think about & getting through every run & onto the next one, which is such an will hear the word slow a lot on here because if you set off like a whippet you'll find it harder to complete...C25k, to me, is about building up stamina & training your body to cope with running, it's not about training for the can do that when you've finished it!!!! Enjoy the runs as you do them...don't stress about your speed...happy running 👍🏻

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GillmaGraduate in reply to Mummycav

Well said

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KerrisueGraduate in reply to Mummycav

Wow I'm loving the support on this forum already! Thanks so much for the advice.

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MummycavAdministrator in reply to Kerrisue

Sometimes it's overwhelming

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Polly2810Graduate in reply to Kerrisue

It's the best! I couldn't have got to wk 5 without them!!

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MummycavAdministrator in reply to Polly2810

Me neither 😍😍

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Don't worry about it. You will get fitter and stronger as you work your way through the sessions. Slow runs build legs!🙂💪🏃‍♀️✔️👍

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Congratulations on finishing week 3.

By distance do you mean you are running slower as in pace or, how far you go in the 30min session?

Usain bolt runs much faster (pace) than Mo Farah but don't forget Mo Farah runs much further!

The plan is designed to keep pushing you on. When doing it (spoiler alert) it doesnt get any easier, but you will be running much longer and further. If you every think you are finding it tougher and tougher, my advice is to look how long you are running for and compare how you feel with how you felt week 1 and those 60 second runs. You might feel the same but the length of time you have been running will be much longer.

You can do this the plan works.

Keep running and keep posting!

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KerrisueGraduate in reply to Qscout

Thank you for this, I'll keep going and will not be detered by my slow pace. I'm finding it really hard but how great I'm starting to feel and the confidence I'm gaining is worth all the effort :-)

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Hi, and welcome to the fun side :) When I got to week three, I was just happy that I hadn't tripped over my own feet. Don't expect too much of yourself too soon - it's not about speed, it's about endurance. If you want to beat Mo Farah, you'll have plenty of time to work on that later. Enjoy completing each run and ticking it off - and keep us all posted so that I can wave my pompoms for you :)

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KerrisueGraduate in reply to mfamilias

I'm so pleased I posted on this forum, the support is amazing! Thank you for you pompom waving :-)

I monitor my speed on 1km at a time using Strava on my phone. Someone said to forget the speed and aim for endurance. When you reach the 5k the next stage is to increase your speed.

Hope that makes sense, Strava is really helping me.

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Thank you, this is really helpful.

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As others have said, just trust the program. You should set a pace where you're still able to talk without being out of breath. And if you feel tempted to stop running before the coach tells you then slow down. If you're between those speeds then you're doing really well! At the moment I don't have any ambitions at all about running fast. I'm just happy doing some regular exercise that I enjoy. And following the plan gives me that.

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