Week 2 Run 1 - I'm actually enjoying this!

So after repeating the week 1 run five times until I could actually manage to do the whole thing, I decided it was time to move on to week 2 today. I completely surprised myself by managing to do it all the first time without too much trouble. When I look back on where I was when I started a few weeks ago, it's staggering really that I can actually do this. And more importantly, I'm actually enjoying it! I don't have to build myself up to going out; I'm ready and raring to go when it's my run day. I even had to force myself to not go out running on my rest day yesterday. I even missed it when I wasn't able to go out this weekend as I was away on a Guiding weekend! I kinda wish I'd decided to do this sooner now!

Hopefully I can help motivate some newbies to get up and do it, particularly if anyone is plus size like me!

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  • Glad you're enjoying it. You sound as excited as I was when I did week 2. I'm sure my friends are fed up on me banging on about it now hehe but it's such a great buzz I think everyone should try it! I did my first week 4 run the other day and couldn't believe I managed to get to the end OK. It really does sneakily build up your stamina. Well done and keep going :) 

  • It's a great program and it's surprising how quickly the program will bring you along. Trust it and you will amaze yourself!

  • Scary isn't it! I've never ever had the willingness to do running and how it gets me out of bed at 6:30am every other morning I really don't know! Glad you're enjoying it and don't get tempted to run on a rest day :) find something else you could do instead, take a walk somewhere maybe.

  • Go, go fluffyowl! Very well done, so glad you are enjoying it.

  • Well done! Even after a couple of weeks of running you will have come so far beyond what you were like before. I know what you mean about "wish I'd decided to do this sooner" - I feel the same!

  • I know exactly what you mean! I've just completed Week 4 and even ran on the two days I was working in London this last week! It's great, isn't it!

  • Brilliant news! It's an extraordinary programme isn't it? And success breeds success. Well done and keep going!

  • I have to say I was exhausted last night as we went for a walk in the woods with Brownies yesterday evening. Was glorious weather, but I certainly felt the run and walk in my legs afterwards!

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