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I'm not giving in!


I went out for my jog this morning with the intention of seeing how long I could run. Well I managed 20 minutes this time :-) so two minutes better than my two previous runs. So my plan is to aim for the 20 mins and try and push past it even if it's only by 30 seconds. So I'm not giving in, but also not going to try for 25 minutes and keep getting disheartened by not making it. When I do reach the 25 mins and I will, then I will pick up the programme again. :-)

Happy running everyone. :-)

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Sounds like a great plan - keep at it! I'm sure you'll get to it soon.

I love how determined everyone is on this programme :)

caz1_caGraduate in reply to Monemy

The support on here is second to done and really does keep me going. :-)


That's it. It'll happen. Good on you for getting out there and doing it. Nothing that's worth anything is ever easy. Not sure who said that, probably my mum.

caz1_caGraduate in reply to Sadiekit

I think my mom said that too (haha).

I figure I gotta get there sooner or later. It would have been nice to sail through the programme, but I guess I just have to work that little bit harder. Hopefully it will make it all the more glorious when I get there. :-)


I wonder if concentrating too hard on the total time is making it more of mountain to climb for you?

When I started off I was really wondering if I could make the 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. But then as the runs grew longer I stopped anxiously counting down the time to go, relaxed a bit more (physically and mentally) and found I was feeling better and going for longer.

I'm sure you will get there without problem soon. :)

caz1_caGraduate in reply to Landesman

I'm just going to do what I can do and not worry about it. I'll get there in the end. :-)


Good for you, caz1-ca, sounds like you're onto a winner there. Enjoy the running, to hell with any additional time/distance pressure. And by the way, 20 MINUTES IS FAB. 8-) Just think, 6 weeks ago sixty seconds seemed sssooooo long!

caz1_caGraduate in reply to con-brio

6 weeks ago 60 seconds nearly did me in. LOL I'm happy with 20 mins. :-)


Good on you for persisting! You'll get there and the great thing is you believe it. :-)

caz1_caGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you. :-)

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