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Two races in one week? Advice please

Hi all

I'm about to start W6 R1 today - all going well so far. When I first started the C25K I signed up for the 5k Race for Life in July. I feel confident as will have completed the programme way before the race.

This week at work, we got an email about the JPMorgan Chase challenge which is 5k too. I would dearly love to do this as prior to my weight loss and beginning running, it was always a joke I made every year telling people I'd be up for it as I was so overweight, unfit and had never run that it was obviously a ridiculous idea. Now it's actually a possibility I thought I really would sign up. When I checked the date, it's 3 days before the Race for Life.

My first reaction was I'd have to miss it but having thought about it, I realised that the programme is supposed to have you running for 30 mins / 5 k and you only need to have a days rest between runs so this would give me 3 days rest. I'm guessing by then I should be running 5 K on most runs won't I?

Do you think I should do it? Everyone at work is into running and it would be so nice to feel part of it this year.

Many thanks for any advice.

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I think you should be fine, as you say by the end of the programme you'll be running 5k 3x a week anyway. It'll be nice to finally join in and give you a bit of confidence after all those jokes from your colleagues.


Yes you should be fine to do the two Kel. A three day break is enough when you think that in week 9 you are doing three runs of either 5k or 30 mins. There's also plenty of time to build up your distance and time and it gives you something to work towards which is a great motivator to keep running.

You really sound like you want to be part of it and I think you would be really disappointed if you don't so go for it and show them guys at work what you can do!! :)



Go for it Kel! As Sue stated, you will be running 30 continuous minutes upon Graduation and will have plenty of time to work out distance. Good luck and have fun!! :-) Gayle


You're a pretty fast runner anyway, going on your 20 min run, so you'll probably be doing 5k in not much over 30 minutes by then (maybe even less?!), and it sounds lovely to be able to take part with people from work and shock them! You can always go more gently for the Race for Life if you need a bit of a rest after pushing in the first race, as loads of people walk that anyway.

How exciting. :)


Can totally recommend the JP Morgan Chase Challenge..I did it last year and loved it! The food and beer my company out on for their runners was enough incentive t get me out there. I am doing it again this year... Can't wait


Wohoo how could you not do it!?! The 3 days rest will be just fine, your not expected to break any speed records but what a wonderful challenge to look forward to. Well done you for doing them both and good luck when the time comes.


Thanks everyone - I guess that's a resounding yes then!!

At least the Race for Life is the second race and probably less competitive so can take it a bit easier.

Like you AliB, my company have a hospitality tent afterwards which is a great incentive too!

Thanks for all the encouragement. Who'd have thought just months ago that I'd be trying to make the decision of whether to run 1 or 2 5K races?!?! :-D


Now that does sound like a fun run! :) Enjoy!


The JP Morgan chase is probably competitive at the front but from my starting point towards the back it wasn't ....there are also lots of walkers. Good luck


You should be fine. As others have said, Race for Life won't be very competitive - in fact, I've been told that you'll probably have a job to break out of a walk to start with due to the number of people there ! I'd concentrate on the JP Morgan chase then just enjoy the RFL. Well, enjoy both of them but maybe chill a bit more on the RFL ! ;-)


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