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Week 4 Run 2 Done :)

Just got back from week 4 run 2 and I feel over the moon! I can't believe how much I've achieved so far on this programme, and I'm feeling great for doing it! I've never been interested in running before, and now I'm doing C25K, it's all I want to do. I struggled to complete week 4 run 1, but pushed myself through it, and was so happy today when it was less of a struggle on the last 5minute run.

The only issue I'm having is with my breathing. I can't seem to control it, no matter what I try. By the end of today's run I was really gasping for air despite feeling ok. Now I'm back home, I'm wheezing. Any tips would be great as I feel it's something I really need to get under control.

Happy running everyone :)

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For me, just easing back the pace until the breathing becomes controlled, is the secret to happy running. Later on you can do speed intervals to regain that speed that you are sacrificing, but for the time being getting through the run is the most important thing.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Thanks, I'll try slowing down even more - or a little earlier - if it's even possible to go any slower! :)


Hi JenniRae. I am at the same point in the programme as you - I am going to do W4R3 this evening. I did a nice fast W4R1 which I was really pleased with and then tried to do even faster on W4R2. I set off too fast on the 1st run and the result was that I was out of breath by run 4 and actually slower overall. I guess with more experience we will learn to get the pace right from the beginning so we can get all the way round and still be able to breath at the end...


I think I may have done something similar to you ChrisL! I also did W4R2 yesterday, and really struggled. Not to say that W4R1 was a doddle (by no means), but it wasn't as hard as the second one. I'm also off out to do W4R3 this evening, and after R2 I'm afraid to say I'm really not looking forward to it. Actually feeling quite aprehensive!

Good luck to both of you! x


Do you not have a rest day in between your runs? I found R2 easier than R1, but after reading ChrisL I think I may have pushed myself too much at the beginning, which is probably what affected my breathing at the end.

I'm sure you'll be fine once you're out there again :) Enjoy your run this evening x


Sorry, I meant Monday- I do have a rest day! Just getting myself confused, haha. Just about to head out now, and going to try to go slower from the start and hope I can make it without wanting to curl up on the floor in a heap!

Thank you- enjoy your next one too. x


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