Week 9 completed but slow!!!

Week 9 completed but slow!!!

Well tonight was week 9 run 3 and it was the slowest of the 3 runs!!!!

Unfortunately went out with friends last night and had a few beers, so it’s my own fault

Still I have run 3 miles 3 times and now I want more, I want to get faster.

Has anybody gone back to week 1 and run/jogged for the walk time and then run faster

For the run bit? If you have what week did you get to and were you running faster?

I know I sound like a new learner driver who wants to drive a Ferrari, but we all need dreams. :-)


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11 Replies

  • Not sure what happened there but these are pictures of my friends, 10 years ago, not of me

  • Hi cromwell congratulations on completing the course!

    Tantrumbean commented on littlejan's blog below about that, and the others have some other ideas too. I've been trying the Speed and Stamina podcasts which I quite like... :D

    Good luck!

  • Hi Mitts,

    Thank you for pointing me to the podcasts they sound just the ticket. I was wondering how I would go on without Laura motivating me on.


  • Well done. It sounds like you feel the need, the need for Speed (and Stamina and Stepping Stones) otherwise known as the C25K+ podcasts


    I've just done Speed (not the drug) for the 2nd time this morning and got my 3 miles in under 30 minutes for the first time!

  • I have had a look at the c25k+ looks really good thank you and I will still have Laura pushing me on, sweet.


  • Brilliantly done and CONGRATULATIONS, cromwell!! Another graduate and new RUNNER!!!! :-)

    I have only just finished myself, so I too am still working on improving my times and distances a bit at a time. No podcasts, just a bit of commitment and a cardio playlist!!

    Congratulations and Keep Running!!

  • Thank you

    I meant to go for a post graduate run tonight but just felt so tired after work.

    I will be out Friday night Well done you, not sure if I can do without the dulcet tones of our Laura though, she's been with me for nearly a year, on and off.


  • CONGRATULATIONS CROMWELL! :-) I graduated last week and am going to stay at the 30 minute mark for a few more runs then moving on to stepping stones. PLEASE make sure you continue to stay here and blog. Now, on to getting you a shiny badge! Have you contacted J.R.?

  • Thank you and yes I think you are right, maybe give myself a month to bed in the runs I am doing for now.

    I'll move on to Laura and her stepping Stones later.

    I may sound a bit thick but how do you get a BADGE? How do I message JR?


  • Go to directory, then admins, you will find JR21. Message him and he will set you up with a badge. You deserve it!

  • gdeann, you are a star.

    I now Waite for my shinny badge.

    Many thanks

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