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Completed Week 6 but need some encouragement for Race for Life

Today I completed Week 6 Run 3 and was thrilled to get through it and run for a full 25 minutes. I was a little disappointed that I only covered 4.25K and that included the 10 minutes of walking.

I've signed up to Race for Life at the end of June and my aim was to run all of it. Having done C25K before I thought this was a realistic target, now I'm not so sure. I remember now that, although I could run for 30 minutes, I don't think I ever managed 5K.

I'm not worried about speed or completing the race in a great time, I just want to run it. In order to run 5K I'm either going to have to run considerably faster than I do now or run for considerably longer than 30 minutes, neither of which seems possible right now.

A local running group is doing a C25K but I can't join them because they run on nights when I'm busy. I've been following their progress and keeping up. Yesterday was Week 7 Run 1 and they did 5K in 36 minutes!! Their method is to run/walk 5K every time, slowly increasing the running. I'm wondering is this is a better plan?

I just need a bit of reassurance that I still have time to reach my goal and run a full 5K.

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You will WELL DO IT.

The adrenaline and buzz from all the people and crowds on the day will be enough to see you through - trust me! :)

I did a couple of 10K races a few years ago for charity.. (with hardly any training, like a fool!) I almost DIED but the buzz and atmosphere of the event really sees you through.

Good luck with it and good for you :) xx


You will definitely be able to do it. I completed week 9 three weeks ago. I carried on running on my final run as I had only covered 4.2k in 30 minutes, and did 5k in 36 minutes (and a bit). Since then I have run 5 k quite a few times and my time has come down. Today I did it in 33 mins 48 (I think!). I've also managed to run up to 5.7k though no further so far...

I also have a race for life on Sunday which has made me keep going and trying to speed up my 5k times as I don't want to finish last!! You've got at least 8 weeks - think how much you've improved over the past 8 weeks and where you'll be fitness-wise in another 8 weeks. Keep going!


Tadaruns says it so well: You've come very far, so don't worry. With another 8 weeks to go, you'll be absolutely brilliant on the bid day. Just focus on running for the time being and you'll be fine. Honest.


You'll soon be running for 30 minutes so you'll be well on the way to 5km.

OK, you might well need to run for longer than 30 minutes, but I'm sure that doesn't matter at a race for life. I'm sure it doesn't matter either if you walk for a bit, but it's great to have the target of running all the way.

Once you've graduated, then you can keep running 3 times a week, and for one of your runs increase your time (or distance) by 10% each time, so that should get you up to about 5km and even if you're not quite there I'm sure the adrenaline will get you round.


Flowerbox you will have no problem in running 5k by end of June. Just think you're walking for 10 minutes now yet you're able to do 4.25k in 35 minutes total time. Turn that 10 minutes into a run and you wont be far off 5k.

The 10% addition suggested by Runningnearbeirut is a great idea. Another option once you finish this program is to check out a distance C25k program which is based on getting people to run 5k no matter how long it takes rather than running for specific times. Just join in wherever is right for you - you'd probably need to do only the last couple of weeks. I read the idea on this forum, tried it & it worked for me. Enjoy the Race for Life!


Thanks for the replies. Lots of reassurance and some good tips too. When I completed C25K before I was lost afterwards with no target and soon lost interest. This time I have the Race for Life so hopefully, when I complete the programme I'll still have 4-5 weeks to improve, a long time in running!

I really like the idea of a distance C25K, that sounds like what the running group are doing. Are there suitable podcasts I can download for that? I like to follow a plan!


I doubt there are specific podcasts because it depends how fast you're running as to how far you get in the allotted time, but I may be wrong.

I wouldn't worry too much at the moment, just see how far you get in the 30 minutes at the end of week 9. It will be good to have a week of consolidation before you move on to anything else (although you could increase the length by up to 10%).

If you then found a good 5km route, you could try something like 10 min run, 1 min walk (you can put time intervals into an app like endomondo) for however long it takes to get round and then gradually increase the running time to wean yourself off the walking intervals, but the problem with that approach is that you might well be increasing the running by more than the recommended 10% especially in the first week (not my recommendation but a "generally accepted" figure).


You can definitely do it! I run my 5k in about 38 mins and am doing Parkruns on a Saturday, they are free and it doesn't matter how long it takes you but it gives you a good idea of distance, do you have one near you?


It takes me 40-45 minutes to cover 5K. When talking about times, though, you also have to remember that not only training and experience, but also age and gender come into the equation. There is something called a WAVA score which lets you compare yourself to others. I am 60. The WAVA score for my best 5K time (just over 40 minutes) is equivalent to that for a man aged 30-35 covering 5K in 28 minutes! Looking at it that way, my 40 minutes is not as pathetic as it seems at first glance.

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i like this reply i am nearly 62 and was worried that i take over 40mins to run 5k now i feel much better after reading about WAVA. I am doing a 5k fun run on Sunday and was concerned i was going to be the FUN!!! lol now i shall run with pride!!!! Many tahnks for the info Dewines.


Glad it has helped you too :) I log all my runs at Fetcheveryone.com where the WAVA is calculated for you each time. You can upload data directly from Garmin and other devices, or you can enter it manually and map the route you took as well if you wish.


I really don't care about speed or how long it takes me, I'm not looking to break any records. I'm just hoping I could run for the whole race. I was forgetting that I'll not only have to complete C25K, I'll then have to build myself up to 5K. I just can't imagine running for 45 minutes, but then a few weeks ago I couldn't imagine running for 25 minutes! It doesn't help that the GPS on my phone is so unreliable.


So,,,you can already do 4.25kin 35mins of which 10 mins is walking. You have only got to do an extra .75k. You are almost there and you've got 7-8 weeks to increase the running bit. You'll be fine, you are SO close already.


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