Completed week 9

Finished my 3rd run of week 9 a few days ago. So I am now a graduate.

I was really pleased can't believe I went from struggling to run for a minute in week 1 to running for 30 minutes 9 weeks later.

For my next run I decided to keep on with Laura. I was going well, running on a forest trail, with 7minutes to go when a few people with dogs came along. I moved to the side to let them pass and tripped over a tree root. I cut my hand and knees and put a hole in my track suit trousers. I was sore and embarrassed. The people were very helpful and suggested I rest but I decided to run on. I ran during the walk time as I had stopped for about 3minutes due to the fall.

My family thought I was mad. Planning to have my next run tomorrow.

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  • Well done on graduating, it's a great feeling to have achieved such a great success. Hope your bruises and cuts heal up without any problems. Happy running.

  • Thanks. I took and extra day off but am back running again. Avoiding tree roots

  • Congratulations on graduation. Very well done. Hope those cuts and bruises get better soon.

  • Healing up nicely my bruises are more brown now than black and blue

  • oh poor you, but my the running bug has got you! those tree roots are tricky things - I run in woods too.

    hope you mend soon - on the bright side you didn't twist your ankle and have to stop running


  • Thanks. Still running just took an extra day off. Won't we showing my legs for a while as still very bruised but your right It could have been worse if I'd had to stop running

  • Congratulations! You are, of course, now officially a graduate and officially a mad runner! Go get your nice shiny badge.

    Hope you soon feel better. Enjoy your future running adventures.

  • Thanks hoping to do a Park Run soon with my sister.

  • Oh bless you! Hope you are ok! Congratulations on graduating! :-) happy and safe future running xx

  • Thanks. I'm fine. I took a extra day off from running and am avoiding tree roots. Won't be wearing shorts for a while and am planning a to try a park run

  • Yes do a parkrun! I've done 2 now! They give you something to focus your training on! Also because you are timed you can track how you are doing without it being competitive :-)

  • Have to track how far I'm running in the 30 minutes to see what I have to aim for

  • Well done on graduating, feels great, doesn't it? :)

    Sorry about your fall, happy and safe running in the future :)

  • Yes it does feel great can't believe I've come so far in such a short time

  • Congratulations on your graduation :) A very big well done. Hopefully your fall won't hold you back.

  • It hasn't so far. Just not going to wear shorts for a while

  • congratulations from here too ! Its such a great acheivement !

  • Thank you. Yes it does feel great. When I think back to week 1 I'm amazed at what I can do now

  • Congratulations on your graduation. At least this run will be memorable for lots of reasons!

  • Yes definitely remember to avoid tree roots

  • Where's your badge?

    Well done and many congratulations!!!!! You are a RUNNER! Yay!!!!

  • Haven't got my badge yet not sure how to get it. I did post that I have completed run3 wk9. So hopefully I will get it soon.

  • Yay! Now go get your badge :-).

    Well done you :-)

  • Got it

  • You need to get your graduation badge to celebrate. See pinned post to the right. I hope you have recovered from your fall and aren't too sore - sounds horrible.

  • Thanks I have got it now

  • Well done! Congratulations :) hope you have recovered :)

  • Yes thanks still a bit sore but keeping on running

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