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Finished week one - cant believe it

Finished my last run of week one on wednesday. First couple of one minute runs were hard but it got easier. However where I live there a few hills and slight inclines the only flat running is on paths past peoples houses which I am not keen on as am still self conscious about the way I am running ( i use the word loosely) but it is better than going round and round my local park and more interesting.

Heading out for first session of week two in half an hour.

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Well done ebony! I too use a nearby park but less so now as I find it too monotonous so map my runs down local roads which just makes it a bit more interesting and makes the time go a tad quicker. Good luck for W2!


Week 1 done and dusted – well done!


Hi Ebony, well done for completing w1. Psychologically I think it's the most difficult week - the initial decision to start this fantastic programme is a big one! As you go on you'll find marvellous changes happening to your mind and body which further spur you on! Good luck and keep posting on here so we can be inspired by your progress!


Marvelous start, ebony!! You have taken what I believe to be the hardest steps of the program...the ones from the couch to the door!!! You have one week in the books and I think that you may be surprised at just how quickly the other 8 weeks go!!

Excellent start, good luck and most of all...Keep Running!!


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