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Newbie: Week One, Day Three - Complete

So, you may think it's odd that I completed week one in my second week, well the short story is my friend came round, so I didn't get a chance to do my third run last week, so I am doing an extra run this week to make up for it.

Onto the run! Wow, today was hard... does anyone else feel as though their ankles are going to snap when they run? Like they're too heavy for their ankles to cope with the weight? This is how I feel, however it was especially bad. On the upside at the weekend I treated myself to a pretty new pair of Nike trainers and some decent running socks - goodbye blisters! haha

I'm glad I've finished this first week, I feel like now I've gotten past the first week, the rest should get easier - right?

How did you guys feel after your first week? Did it give you motivation to carry on, or did you just feel the impending doom of week two being even harder than the first?

Thanks for the help and kind words so far, I really appreciate it!

Happy running! xo

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Congratulations on completing week 1! Unfortunately it doesn't get easier but it is manageable. Keep at it & you'll be surprised at how quickly your fitness improves. The sense of achievement when you run for longer than you thought you could will keep you motivated.

So far I haven't had any major aches or pains. I don't know whether that's down to luck or by following what Laura says to the letter.

Keep going, we're all here to support you! Let us know how you get on.


Things that got better for me after week 1: I began feeling slightly less self-conscious, I started to get an endorphin high at the end of the runs, and I felt more committed to the process through sorting out routes, podcasts, better shoes, posting on here, etc.

Things that got worse after week 1: I felt much more challenged by the longer runs, I had problems with breathing (should have been using my inhaler), and I got blisters/aches/a headcold, all threatening to slow me down/put me off.

Overall the plusses conquered the minuses and I'm still here :) Don't worry if you don't stick precisely to the weeks, just keep going!


Well done! It really doesn't matter if some 'weeks' take a bit longer to complete. Just stick with it, don't go too fast and listen to Laura :)

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It's a great feeling isn't it, finishing week1. Just keep going, slowly, slowly and, before you know it, it'll be the end of w2 and you'll be asking for advice on w3. Just remember to enjoy yourself :)

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If your ankles are feeling as though they are being pummelled too hard (is that how you spell pummelled?) try running really 'light'. As if you were stealthily trying to creep up on someone. A bit later on in the programme Laura says you should be running smooth, as if someone was watching you over a hedge they wouldn't be able to see you bobbing up and down. Getting a smooth easy running action now will pay dividends when you get to run for longer times.

Well done for getting back out there!

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