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Finished week 1!

Today, in the blazing heat, I have finished "week" 1 run 3 (actually it has taken more like 3 weeks!). And ready to move on to week 2! I'm actually looking forward to it - longer runs means less runs right?? On my week 1 runs I've felt like I can run for longer, it's just starting running again after each 90 second walk that has been hard.

Also, due to the heat today, I took a bottle of water with me and I will never again leave the house without one! It's so much easier with a refreshing gulp of water after each 1 minute run and helps to slow down my breathing - I was having some problems with controlling my breathing before, but I think I have got it sorted out now.

I'm no longer running on the beach. After someone said "isn't it really hard running on sand?" I decided to try running on paths and it is much easier. I think I'll save running on the beach for after I have graduated, when I am doing it just for enjoyment and not aiming towards completing weeks etc. So today I ran through a forest and ended up with about a half hour walk back after I had finished my run (underestimated how long the track was!) but it was nice to walk home in the sun at a nice leisurely pace.

Looking forward to Friday when I will start week 2. I have been out running every second day since I started without fail, and have actually completed the week 1 podcast about 7 times, but I have only just felt ready to move on (mainly due to the fact I am sick of the podcast, haha)

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Well done you kept going, your better than me i would probably have got bored and given up after having to repeat week. Yes week two has fewer runs (6 i think if i remember rightly) and you will be pleased to know that the walk breaks are also longer so you will be fine.

Im facing the dreaded week five tomorrow but actually looking forward to it. Trust me if i can make it this far then anyone can.


Well done on completing week 1. I'm on week 2 and enjoying it. I've done two runs and each time I've felt I could have run a wee bit longer. I laughed at this comment:

"So today I ran through a forest and ended up with about a half hour walk back after I had finished my run"

So did I, I changed my route today and although I was aware of the distance as I'd walked it yesterday with my GPS, I was enjoying the path in the woods and kept going. I, too, had a 30mins walk back.

Re the water, today was warmer and I felt like I would have liked a drink, but don't know whether I wish to carry a bottle. I'm wondering if I might take a bottle and hide it somewhere in the woods so at least I have a drink for when I return.


Well done for finishing week 1! I suspect actually making a start to this program is one of the hardest parts. I started week 2 on Tuesday, and though I definitely find it a challenge (I haven't sorted out my breathing yet!) it's certainly do-able. Good luck for week 2!


It's definitely a good idea to carry a bottle of water with you. I swap arms regularly so they both get equal 'exercise' carrying it, although it does get lighter as I go on, lol.

Well done for getting through week 1. :) You have done the right thing in deciding to move on when you are ready. I decided at the start that I would repeat runs as often as I felt I needed to, as well. I'd love to be able to run in the woods, or on the beach, but don't have that option around here. I tried running over the local fields once, but it was so lumpy underfoot that I decided to leave 'cross-country' until later. When I'm running for longer (I'm currently on week 4) then I might take a drive out somewhere for a more scenic run.


Well done I would have never got through this if my first runs had been on sand or in warm weather lol~!

You are doing brilliantly.


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