So long, farewell, auf wiedersen, goodbye to Laura.... hello Ace of Spades????

So when Laura told me this evening that Week 7 was all about running for 25 minutes, that was it, I felt I couldn't hold it in any longer and said goodbye to her after the 5 minute warm up walk and changed to "proper" music. Not too sure that Ace of Spades is the best one to start running with, but it came up first and off I trotted, well it certainly motivated me. I can't deny it was very difficult without Laura, but I had my lovely Nike lady telling me every 5 minutes how long I'd run for or how much was left. Having said that, I was ready to give up half way around, and again 10 minutes from the end, but the thought of Laura and all of you here was enough to keep me going. So I did it :) I ran another 25 minutes, and this time my iPod gave me some information, so I ran for 25.43 minutes, (I couldn't turn the silly thing off), burned off 363 calories (I was looking forward to my dinner), and ran a total of....... (drum roll)...... 4.85Km. WOW, what a surprise, no wonder I found it hard, but I am so, so glad that I kept going as I feel incredible if achy, and, whilst I generally seem upbeat and positive I do suffer from my inner demons,and suddenly for the very first time I really, really feel that I CAN do this and keep it going after Graduation.


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12 Replies

  • That's a great distance in that time, well done you! Maybe I need to pinch your playlist to help me speed up!

  • Brilliant that's a great distance for week 7, now you KNOW you can do it.

    I sometimes think that the C25K music has been subtly chosen to spur us on to the point when we can choose our own playlists ;-)

  • Haha! That last comment made me smile! :-)

  • Well done! Great time! I can't wait to do my own playlist soon (I'm on w8r3), but for now I am faithfully sticking with Laura.

  • Note to self: Add Ace of Spades to warm up play list possibilities

    Sounds like a great run, well done.

  • Thank you all for your congratulations.... my music taste is a bit eclectic to say the least.... as I recall, I also ran to Wham last night and a newer song that I've no idea who sang it but there was a beat there. And yes Chewy, Ace of Spades will certainly warm you up, but running to the beat is not advisable, although I did try ;)

  • wow, congratulations, and thanks for the song idea, I will have to add that one!

  • Well done eshaz14. I too ran without Laura today-week 6 run 3, as my ipod had run out of juice. I did it all though, so pleased with myself. On recharge, as per usual the runs I need were deleted! Sitting here now listening to run 3 music etc (would definitely have motivated me to keep going-hard without) and waiting for Laura's message at the end, lol!! I have read she tells you that you are a runner now, so want to hear that for myself-daft I know :-).

    Best of luck everyone for next week's runs.

  • It's well worth the wait to be told you are a runner :) Congratulations on finishing week 6, good luck with week 7

  • Thank you eshaz14. Yes-it means a lot!

  • Hi eshaz, Still waiting for a proper reply re downloads c10. Lora (maybe the same Laura we listen too) wrote and said she had no idea what I was talking about! I was a little more specific in my reply so wait with bated breath for her reply as to where the downloads are. Will keep you posted.

  • :-) :-) Cute, I think Laura is getting use to getting dumped. WELCOME to week 7!!!!! :-)

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