First 5k run on my 54th birthday at Basingstoke Park Run

I started c25k because I wanted to get fit for a skiing holiday so I stood a chance of keeping up with my husband and son. Who would have thought 9 weeks later (certainly not me) that I'd be running 5k in 33 minutes. I owe it all to Laura and the C25K community here - a day didn't go by without me checking in for motivation and advice. The first weeks were tough and I didn't really believe that I'd manage to run for 3 minutes, let alone for 5, but I struggled on, week by week. When Laura said " you might want to slow down a bit now" I'd think - if I slowed down any more I'd be going backwards. I placed my faith in Laura and the programme and now I'm impressing all my family and friends with my running.

I had problems with pains in my ankles and put off buying new trainers until week 8, but £100 for new trainers (early birthday present) was a good investment as the pains disappeared immediately. I graduated on Tuesday and ran for 30 minutes on Thursday before the park run in Basingstoke this morning on my 54th birthday. I ran with my 17 year old son, who kept me company, but he couldn't keep up with my pace!!

I've been aware, from reading other blogs, that some people struggle after they finish the c25k. I plan to vary my route and will even tackle a hill that I've been avoiding since week 3. I'll give the stepping stones pod casts a go and aim to do the Basingstoke park run once a month. My short term goal is to shave the 3 minutes off my 5k run. Long term is to continue running 3 times a week and extend the distance - perhaps I'll try the pod casts that will get me to 10k (me running 10k????) I feel like a star ....


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  • Because you are a star! Very encouraging post for me, thank you: I hope to graduate at the end of December and have just turned 50.

  • It is a wonderful feeling when you finally make it to the end of week 9. Keep going, it really is worth it.

  • A big congratulations from another 54 year old ; )

    Your parkrun time is fantastic I hope to get somewhere close to that over the next few months.

  • Well done, what a lovely post. For keeping up the motivation there is a group of us( organised by realfoodieclub) who are in a Christmas quest and there is a plan to keep it going in the new year. We each set our individual goals and report in to each other on a Monday. Have a look and see what you think. Is working for me.

  • Thanks, I'll take a look.

  • Thank you Mummysaurus. (I love your name - I was not feeling very inspired when I created my tag).

    My only regret is that I didn't get into running years ago! I didn't think running was for me as over the years, if I ever tried to go for a jog I'd be so out of breath after two minutes I'd have to stop before my lungs burst. I developed asthma twenty years ago, which reinforced the idea that I couldn't run. I am so thrilled with the fact that I am now fit enough to go out and run for 30+ minutes. I also know (from all the inspiring people on this site) that if I continue to run 3 times each week I I will get faster and be able to run for longer. I can't wait!

  • Inspritation! Congratulations. Have only just started week 2 and struggled with 90 seconds - seemed so much more than 60 seconds. I too am trying to get fit for skiing but my holiday will be about week 6 as procrastinated. Good luck carrying on running.

  • Thanks. I feel so much more confident about skiing as for the first time in years I'll be fit and hopefully able to keep up with everyone else in the group! At week six you'll notice a big difference in your fitness and how far you'll be able to run.

  • Congratulations from yet another 54 yr old - though a much slower one! It is amazing to discover running when you've always thought you couldn't do it, isn't it!

  • Congratulations from a 56 year old! I've just graduated and gone straight onto the Stepping Stones, Stamina and Speed podcasts with Laura. I'm now doing Bridge to 10 k podcasts with Samantha Murphy, which are free and you can download them on this forum. I'm loving week 2 and finish it tomorrow.

    I can identify with running so slow that you feel you're going backwards, but don't worry it won't always be like that. I got new trainers for a present too, and they make all the difference.

    Good luck with your runs!

  • Thank you Misswobble and well done on graduating. For the first 2 weeks after graduating, I've been running for longer than 30 minutes to make sure I run the full 5K and have got up to 37 minutes. I've also included the hills I was dreading and was very relieved that I didn't need to start walking half way up - running downhill is a wonderful reward. Now I'm confident that I can run 5K, I want to increase my speed. I tried one of the Stepping Stones podcasts, but didn't get on with it - the pace was too slow, even at the fastest beat. I've decided to start the B210k in the New Year and hope I love it as much as you. I've decided I like being a runner!

  • Try the "Stamina" or "Speed" ones with Laura. I did Speed today, and it's mixed tempo for 20 mins running with 5 minutes warm up at each end

  • OK, I'll give them a go. I find it definitely helps to keep me motivated if I add some variety to my runs.

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