Further than I thought!!!

I completed Wk6 R2 yesterday and it went really well. I did my first 10 minutes, 3 minutes walking and then started on my second 10 minute run. As I was running up a hill I was overtaken by a 'proper' runner (all the gear on and checking her watch every 10 seconds to obviously pace herself). I was aghast, but I thought to myself "It's not a problem - just keep going at your own pace. It's not a race. The point is to finish this - not knacker yourself out". Anyway after overtaking me, she didn't carry on pulling away but kept 3-4 paces in front of me on the flat. After a while Laura said "60 seconds left" and I thought, "Right, let's take this mother!" and upped the pace a little. I overtook her with no problem <cue Chariots of Fire music> I was elated until Laura said, "That's it! 5 minute cool-down walk". I couldn't very well overtake her and then start walking! So vanity took over and I carried on running and checking over my shoulder until she was out of sight before I started my cool-down walk! It was really funny and made it much more interesting.

Afterwards, I was curious as to how far I'm actually going so I logged the route on MapMyRun and I was amazed to see that I did (with the 5 minute warm up walk and 3 minute interval) 4.29k!!! I didn't think I was doing anywhere near that yet!!!!

Tomorrow is Wk 6 R3 and 25 minutes non-stop. After Wk5 R3 this is not daunting at all, in fact (dare I say) I'm actually looking forward to it. Afterwards I'm going to check on MapMyRun to find out how far I will be running in 25 minutes - very curious!!!! Can't believe this is me!!!! :oD


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  • Well done! The tortoise and hare story resurfaces again. I foresee a great graduation run!

  • Ahh we all suffer from that vanity in front of other runners. It's amazing how well and gazelle like we can be when we are trying to impress! Shame that we can't run like that all the time!

    Sounds like you're doing great!

  • Take care marie! No going off too fast at this stage. You want to finish this thing in style, not on crutches. It's so easy to get ahead of yourself and get hurt. Your body takes a while to get accustomed to the new forces being exerted on it. Until it does you need to keep going slowly and steadily

    Good luck with remaining runs. Have fun!

  • That is so true - and if you're lucky it happens at the stage when the gremlins are winning and gets you beyond it.

  • Well done! I did my W6R2 yesterday, too, and I extended my second 10 minutes by two minutes. My distance was 3.3Km, not including warm up or warm down. I'm looking forward to my 25min run tomorrow, too!

  • Well done Marie, lovely post and good luck for tomorrow.

  • Well done. I did the same last night. I did week 7 run 2 last night and as I got to the last 60 seconds I approached a small incline and Laura said if you can go a bit faster then do it. I thought I would push a little harder and go faster only to see a guy walking quite fast in front of me carrying a bag of chips. I "Sprinted" past him and then Laura said "that's it". I couldn't then stop so I carried on until he was small distance behind me before I started walking. Amazing what vanity can do to us. Good luck with the 25 minutes. It isn't as bad as last weeks run 3.

  • oh. I use map my run or strava whilst I am out running and it gives you quite an accurate distance (almost)

  • Ha ha, I'm now looking for a post from another C25K'r eagerly checking their watch and counting the seconds until their next walk break, being overtaken by a 'proper runner' (you) !! Well done for the grit and competitive spirit though !

  • Ha! I never thought of that!!!!! :oD

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