Goodbye Laura...hello Silky Steve!

Having said my final farewells to the lovely Laura, I needed someone new in my running life, so I splashed out on Audiofuel, 'The first hour'. Here is the lowdown:

1.My new 'coach' is nice, I have named him 'silky steve',he says things like, 'smooth, easy running' if!! I haven't sworn at him yet so thats good.

2. Every ten minutes this lady with a very sexy Bond girl voice says 'ten minutes complete, 50 minutes complete' etc. I think I like her but she never gets more enthusiastic as time goes on.

3. The music is great and keeps me going. Silky steve says even marathon runners take walking breaks so I did as he instructed after ha;f an hour and then managed to do the hour. I'm liking silky steve.

4. Silky steve also informed me that its only after 1.5 hours that the body starts to burn fat....W** I never knew that before, so I have a long way to go before getting in control of my bod!

5. Silky steve is coming with me to the Parkrun today, I am not looking forward to the big climb, and I think my running will be nothing but 'smooth or easy' but perhaps silky steve will get me there!

Good luck for all of you doing parkruns today, and if you are going to Long Ashton come and say hi to me and leon ( and silky steve!!).I will be wearing my orange sweatband!



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15 Replies

  • Hope the parkrun is going well (you must be in the middle of it at the moment). I am having a lazy morning (lovely!), and haven't done anything more active than eat my breakfast! :)

  • Hope you had a great lazy day, I am so sorry I thought I had replied to this earlier.... We all need those days sometimes. I hope you have a great half term break :)

  • Liking the sound of silky Steve. ;-D

  • You should try him out, I haven't found his fun side yet, and hes not 'nice' like Laura, but you never know, perhaps he chills out in the second hour ( I haven't bought that one yet!)

  • Is Silky Steve Luscious Laura's alter ego do you think?

  • Ha ha yes that sounds about right.....or her running 'mate'!!

  • Ha! I call him Laurence :) (I have the audiofuel pyramid interval training one)

    Good to hear you have something new to keep you motivated after graduation!

  • great, liking the name, I struggled with what to call him, he isn't Laura is he!!!! I must look into pyramid training???? I am yet to buy the second hour, but I might out of curiosity! Have a fab weekend :)

  • Good luck for the Parkrun!

  • Thankyou, it was great!

  • Oh dear, I have to run for 1.5 hours before it has any effect on my flab...that is so depressing. I am struggling with a 25 minute slow jog. I can see the benefit already in stamina but I was really hoping a some stage it would help with my Buddha belly and flabby thighs; clearly that isn't going to happen then ;0(

    Good luck with your runs though. An hour of running; I can't even begin to imagine that.

  • Oh no...I am so sorry i so don't want to put you off as running is just the best!!! I realised early on I wasn't going to lose weight unless I also dieted. I have the 'myfitnesspal' app which is the best and gives you calories back for your exercise. Some days I have as much as 2000 calories and I have still lost weight so please don't lose heart. I have so far lost more than half a stone and it feels good, and yes I so want to build up to an hour and a half just to see what happens!!!! Sounds like you are doing amazingly well, well done and keep running :)

  • My word, an hour and a half. I just manage 50 minutes and that is with some one minute walking intervals.

    How was the park run?

    I had to work Saturday and spent today chilling out in Greenwich with the family. So will take in a run tomorrow night.

    Sounds as if audiofuel is working for you. Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday :-)

  • Park run was fab, I beat my PB by 10 secs, at least it wasn't the other way!! Had the best v early swim at the lido today, did my mile then a fab day, I love BH's. Going to aim for 10k tomorrow, really looking forward to it, and my silky steve will keep me at it!!

    Enjoy your run and the rest of the BH :)

  • I love Audiofuel too - it's all the "steel yourself for..." and "recover as best you can" on Pyramid 180 (which is easier than Speed Couch to 5k+)

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