W5 R2 C25K messing me about ;-)

OMG.... I started off my W5 R2 warm up walk. I had to get my phone out of my back pocket as I felt like I had walked for ages. I See I had another 1 minute to walk so just carried on then laura cuts in and says time to start running, so off I go.

I can not believe I ran a whole 25 minutes before she said slow down and walk, again got my phone out and see I had another 5 minutes, now I was getting annoyed with laura. Started running again, then checked my garmin and I was right It was on 35 minutes I didnt hear laura cut in at all my app had frozen. I was really pleased with myself as I ran 25 minutes without stopping, I still decided to carry on with the app once it started up again so I ended up with 3.4 miles in 50 minutes thats a little over 5k yipppeeeee. Do I skip W5 R3 as I done it tonight or still do W5 R3?? Decisions decisions!!! what do you guys think?? ;-)


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14 Replies

  • I was having this same problem and changed to the podcasts instead of the app...much better now. I should be doing W5R2 tomorrow but instead I'm sitting here with a ice pack on my knee :(

  • It's annoying isn't it, but I am rather pleased with myself as I ran 25 minutes. I'm now laying with my ankle up with ice on it as it's aching a little as I broke my ankle in two places a few years ago, fell off my horse and broke tibia and fibia

  • Well done Belinda quite a few people have had issues with the app. You can always use the podcast. I would keep with the programme and do W5R3 as it will help build stamina for week 6. Good luck

  • I've just downloaded the rest of the weeks I need to do on podcast as the app is playing silly buggers with me ;-)

  • I agree with GF - app is def. flawed so stick with the routine and go for R3. Big back pat for your stellar effort on this run though :)

  • Thank you. I couldn't believe I could run that far, shocked myself ;-)

  • Flippin' eck - that sounds like torture. Get the podcast, it's reliable.

  • It was hard work ha ha but surprised how far I ran ;-)

  • Yes, I've heard the app doesn't work, I couldn't even get it to download to my phone... the podcasts work really well. Well done on your 5K! Personally, I would continue with the next run, stick to the programme, that's the advice I see here regularly.

  • Yes, I am going to do R3 tomorrow after reading all of the useful advice from you good people ;-)

  • Wow crazy woman! You will be doing marathons before you know it! Rest that ankle and maybe try Run 3 and see how it is.

  • Ha ha no way ;-) park run first ha ha. I had ankle wrapped in ice last night and elevated and today it's all ok ;-)

  • Wow!

    I did W5R2 today and I'm pretty sure I couldn't have run 25 minutes if I'd wanted to, let alone by accident!!

    Go you!!

    I'd probably do run 3 anyway to consolidate. Good luck however you decide to play it :)

  • Awwwww I am sure you could. ;-) I've decided to go and do R3 as it will help towards W6 and the rest of program ;-)

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