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Graduation Run - I Did It!


10 weeks ago my daughter (14) decided she wanted to do triathlon and asked me to help her train. Rather grudgingly I agreed to go running with her. I had done any major running since university 25 years ago but I swim regularly so hard could it be? Well needlessly to say after not many minutes trying to run I staggered home exhausted. Straight away I decided I needed to get properly fit again and thanks to Google came across C25K.

I was determined to do the final run and the full 5K distance, the most I've managed so far has been 4K in 30 minutes. Well woke up this morning with an IBS attack so had to delay my start by an hour and still wasn't feeling great on the 5 minute warm up. Okay time to start running, took the first 5 minutes a bit slower than normal and was actually feeling ok. The next 10 minutes felt really good and for the first time I was actually ENJOYING running. I carried on to the 2.5K turn around point and Laura said I had 10 mins left. At this point I was still feeling really good new I could make it the full 5K. I was grinning like a Cheshire cat as I passed other runners and dog walkers (they must have thought I was completely mad!). Laura told me 5 minutes left, still feeling good. 1 minute to go. Laura tells me its time to stop. Well I now I still have about 1K to go so keep going through the 5 minute warm down. I am now on my own no Laura and still running! Finally I reach the gate and my marker for 5K. I'VE DONE IT. YiIPPEE!

A big thankyou to Laura and everyone on the forum for giving me the inspiration to keep going.

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Runnerbean, I am sooo pleased! Was thinking of you and wondering if your knees were OK enough to run this morning. You did brilliantly - the 5K as well! Congratulations, this is our time to shine!

RunnerBeanGraduate in reply to Soozz

Thanks Soozz, I still can't believe I actually did the full 5K as my other 4K runs all felt so hard. Congratulations to you too!


Well done! and even more well dones on doing the whole 5k. A great achievement.


RunnerBeanGraduate in reply to ceefin

Thanks ceefin and good luck for week 9.


Fantastic - so pleased for you! You're an inspiration to all of us

RunnerBeanGraduate in reply to carolinew

Thanks carolinew. You will do it too!


Wonderful runnerbean! Lovely inspiring blog, i hope people who are considering whether to start or not read your blog as it may make up their mind to do it! Congratulations.

RunnerBeanGraduate in reply to suki_007

Thanks suki_007. This is such an amazing and positive forum. Reading other peoples blogs has really helped me get through to graduation.


Congratulations Runnerbean. :) Sounds like a great graduation run. Are you going to do some tri yourself?

RunnerBeanGraduate in reply to Legion

Thanks Legion. I think I'm too much of a Wimp to do a tri myself but who knows, 10 weeks ago I didn't think I would be running 5K!

LegionGraduate in reply to RunnerBean

I'd love to try tri (in a non-competitive, parkrun kind of way, if there is such a thing) but I'm not a very strong swimmer (can do breast stroke but my front crawl is pathetic) and my knees are not keen on cycling hills. However, a few weeks ago I couldn't run either, so I'm now approaching things with an 'I can try' attitutde rather than 'I can't do that'. :)


Well done - that's fantastic! I haven't managed the whole 5 k yet, but am hoping to try it on Wednesday (I've mapped it out and everything) so your blog is inspirational and comes just at the right time :)

RunnerBeanGraduate in reply to Anniemurph

Thanks Anniemurph. I ran a little bit slower than the previous runs and I think that made it a bit easier to break through 30 minutes. Slow but steady!


Yay!! Well done RunnerBean you did it and even managed the 5k. You're an inspriation, thank you.

RunnerBeanGraduate in reply to AnnaDJ

Thanks AnnaDJ. The ice packs did the trick!

AnnaDJGraduate in reply to RunnerBean



Carrying on when Laura says you can stop is the best feeling, well done!!!


Thanks stayinbed. Having the energy to carry on was a first for me and felt great! Ooh I 've just seen my graduate badge as well which is just as good!


🙌 🥳 🎉 woohoo! Well done!!!!! 💪xxxx

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