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grinning trainers...a talking to and ...... sorry laura i owe you 3 minutes of W4r2

all day ive been absolutely knackered.

you know how it can be sometimes - even to walk is an effort. my talking was gibberish, slurry. i yawned so much my jaws ached. i didnt even have the energy to eat my milky way bar (and that's not like me at all). so, i wasnt up to going out tonight. i thought id just have an early night with my new book.

but when i got home and saw my muddy trainers in the hall way (i swear they were grinning at me......) i gave myself a severe talking to instead!! i kept reminding myself that its not meant to be easy and was just making excuses. what's half an hour?? So, i ate a little lump of cheese and drunk a little water, strapped myself in and went out.

was a nice evening actually, couldve left my jacket at home. but i still went out in my woolly incognito hat.

managed the 3 minute run and the 5 minute run. i timed that just right for a downhill bit :-) then just before the next 3 minute run it suddenly hit me. i honestly thought that if i had to stop after this 3 minutes, i wouldnt be able to do the 5.

i gave myself another talking to (i may resort to whipping if it gets worse - should be a sight to see anyway!!) and decided that i'd run for 5 instead of 3 and then finish with the cool down walk.

and that's what i did. i ran for another 5 minutes and so that means I owe laura 3 minutes.

phew!! just about made it home. managed the key this time and going up the stairs was by normal steps rather than on all fours. but when it came for a shower, i was that knackered i forgot to take me specs and woolly hat off before stepping in!! hey ho.

so, have now had tea and am sitting down waiting for my ankles to stop throbbing before I hit the sack. up early tomorrow .

im out Friday night and Saturday so i think i may do my run 3 on the Sunday evening and see how it goes. i am a little disappointed that i felt unable to do the run as Laura wanted me to, but i absolutely knew how it wouldve panned out if i had carried on as directed.

so, next try Sunday and may be i can give Laura her 3 minutes back somehow .......

keep on running everybody!!


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Well done on running the last 5 minute run, think I would probably have just done 3 and finshed. At least if you are not running until Sunday your hat will have dried out!! I am sure Laura will forgive you the missing 3 minutes. Good Luck with your run on Sunday, you can do it!! :-)


thanks rolphie :-)

im hoping my woollies will be dry otherwise its my christmas santa hat coming out early......

keep your fingers crossed for Sunday!

good luck for your run rolphie :-)


LOL at leaving your hat and specs on in the shower. Must have been some run!


it was bloody knackering!


Alix, what can I say?! Magnifique!! You made yourself go out despite feeling knackered and ran for 13 mins! No room for disappointment just be proud that you pushed yourself, were running and wasnt on the sofa catching up on the Milky Way from earlier.....

Had to laugh though - I know I told you before about taking that hot shower but maybe best to remember to take of the hat and glasses next time!! At least you managed to get everything else off...... Good luck for Sunday! Sue x


cheers Sue!!

im having the milky way today at work after a particularly horrendous trip on the motorway.

i was that knackered and concentrating on getting in that shower you recommended, that i just forgot to take the head bits off!! When laura expects me to run for double figures, I may just sack getting changed and go straight in!!

roll on Sunday!!

keep on running sue and everyone out there! ali x


BLOODY HELL FIRE!! (I have been waiting for a blog from you just so I could use that!! thanks for adding it to my vocabulary!!). What a challenging run!!

Now, you see how those sneaky trainers work!! They sit around all day doing nothing, just waiting for us to come home so that they can make us miss out on our Milky Way!!! Oooohhhhh, how cunning they are!! :-)

My vote is for the Christmas hat!! Although, now that it has had a shower, the woolly one must be looking smashing!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



it was BLOODY HELL FIRE indeed Steve!! its one of my favourites and glad to pass it on to you :-) it just, well, says it all really!!

sneaky sneakers they were (see what I did there Steve?!!)

Do heads tone up during this running thing as well as your body? I ask because my woolly hat is a bit more snug after its untimely wash ...... sparkly clean, but a bit snug...... :-)

keep on running!!



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