1st Post Graduation run and EPIC FAIL beyond all recollection

Well not happy. I graduated on Saturday after completing all 3 of week 9 runs quite satisfactorily, however not run since due to the really bad weather and only having running shorts and light top. Not got round to treating myself to my winter running jacket and running tights.

Anyhow tonight I decided I was going for it, was dry even though big black clouds were looming and drifting my way, so I put on some tracky bottoms, a t shirt and my running shirt over the top, oh and a wooly hat and off I went, 10 mins and I was struggling, over heating and no enegy, I carried on until 20 mins where I literally could do no more, I had 30 seconds, kicked myself up the arse and ran another 8 minutes which killed me off, I slowly walked back up the lane with head hanging low and feeling very annoyed with myself.

I think I just totally over heated as I have always run in my shorts and my running top, both breath. Sorry to be graphic but my thirst underneath was soaked!!

I suppose I just put it down to experience and one of those runs, but at least I got out, maybe walked for a bit but I did cover 3.2 miles which is better than staying at home :-)

Still fed up and p....d off with myself though.

James :-(


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27 Replies

  • Your last paragraph sums it up - at least you got out! I think the bad runs are all part of the learning curve.

    Anything is better than staying at home! Congratulations on graduating, and remember (the motto I stole from someone else) every time you run you win!

  • well said Slater

  • a 3-mile run is very good exercise and would have been unthinkable when "summer" started so very well done. You also know what the problem was- overheating, so that makes it easier to deal with next time. Time for some retail therapy! :)

  • I'm trying to get the word FAIL banned from this hang out. If you left the couch for more than 5 minutes you did not fail! If you are fitter then you were three months ago then you did not fail! You are not a failure do you hear me? Never want to hear that word round here again!! Tut tut!

  • I am very very sorry and shall never mention the word again.

    Do I have to do 50 lines punishment lol

    I was bit low but your right and Thankyou for the polite kick up the back side :-)

  • I think 5 laps of the nearest sports field would be more appropriate punishment! ;-)

  • Maybe tommorow ha ha

  • Well it could be 30 press ups tonight. Cross training!

  • Strange this should come up. Yesterday I did W6R3 and while it actually wasn't raining for once, it was very cold so I decided to wear a beanie to keep my head warm. Big mistake! Half way through I was feeling quite negative, it was all a bit like hard work so I took the beanie off and the sweat just poured out. It actually made me feel fresher and I really enjoyed the second half of the run, although it was still hard!!

  • This happened to me too on week 6 run 1, I know everyone says its a hard run but I know I went slow enough to combat the over enthusiastic 'I've done 20mins running I can do 8 easily' maybe it was the hat!! I know u prob don't wana know but when I took it off I was dripping!!

  • It's actually good to hear others say this - I can sympathise as I've done a few runs since graduating and none have been great, so it feels like a step backwards. But as others have said, the important thing is to get out and keep at it! And remember....you are not alone!!

  • Jimbob74, sorry the experience wasn't better for you and hopefully the next run will be fantastic! Nothing worse then overheating and then feeling so deflated. I agree...we need to ban that F word. Sounds like you need a post graduation running wear shopping trip!!!

  • So not a failure! You did great. Give yourself credit for what you did and as Laura says give yourself a pat in the back for what you did.

  • It's a funny one to judge as the weather gets colder. If you haven't run in the cold before, it's easy to assume it will feel the same as just walking around in the cold and so overdress and then end up completely uncomfortable.

    To give you a point of reference, the first time I did C25K was during the big freeze at the end of 2010 when the temp got as low as -12!! Despite being someone who normally really, really feels the cold, I never needed more than 2 layers and a pair of gloves and never bothered with a beanie!! So I'm not surprised you overheated!

    Hope the next run is a better one. Don't give up.

    Sarah x.

  • I usually have an ultralight backpack with me (Onyaback) which will take cast off clothes. I went out with a hoodie on for the first time in ages and yes, it did eventually have to come off... although actually it did persuade me to keep running as I was promising myself I could strip off if I got to X point. This meant that the end of the run I felt I had a second wind.

  • I think the whole problem was overheating, Jimbob74! It's a bit of a problem cos you do start off feeling so cold, but very quickly wish you'd left the warm layers at home. But you got out there in spite of those looming black clouds and you ran for 20 minutes. Personally, I had an unbelievably terrible run after graduation, it was basically a fight between me and a treadmill - and I lost, big time! These things just happen. Your next run will be better. (I also think it's such a big physical and emotional effort to do that final W9R3 that there's not much left for the next run!)

  • Hey Soozz, thanks for he support, your a star. I will get out there again tomorrow and run like the wend, or maybe a slight breeze ha ha.

    Saturday I promised myself some new running winter clothes, bring it on

    Oh I like you new shiny green badge, congrats, I've applied for mine last Saturday but I havnt been awarded it yet :-(.

    Hurry up an please let me have m badge!!!!!

  • Maybe you should email JR21 again, just in case! That seems a long wait.

    Have you got yourself a C25k graduate t-shirt????

    I still keep pinching myself that I've actually finished this programme!!! Who'd have believed it, eh?

  • I may well just message him again, do you have an email address??

    Not ordered my t shirt yet but you can be sure I will be having one for a park run I plan on doing!!

    I too can't believe I have graduated, amazing isn't it but believe me, we've both earned it, enjoy the feeling, it's ace

  • I just messaged him via the message option on this website. Good luck, will be looking for your shiny green badge! I agree we've earned it, it IS a fab feeling. I have to admit I miss the structure of it all a bit now. I did try Stepping Stones and liked it, nice to have Laura for comany again.

  • Thanks Soozz, I will try the stepping stones, I to feel a little lost without Laura, however I may just put a playlist together for 30 mins and use it with Nike + on my iPhone.

    Happy running Soozz, your an athlete now remember !!!

  • Er - I certainly don't look like one!

  • Arrggghhh, Groundhog Day! I dunno why that happened, left my iPad sending and when I came back from my shower 'waking up' the iPad must've made it send again...and again.

  • Ah just admit it, it was a senior moment lol,only playing!! iPads are ace are they not!!

    Have fun

  • I started off in Feb last and have never worn more than leggings, a t-shirt and a light fleece which comes off about 3 mins into the run and gets tied around my middle. Never bothered with hat or gloves either. This is one of the things I love about running. Unlike cycling and walking it is even better in the cold and even the rain! Good luck with the post-grad runs. I've just completed stepping stones from C25K+ on my third attempt. The C25K + podcasts are more challenging than I was expecting but still good. Still haven't got to the end of Stamina tho so something to aim for. :-)

  • Jimbob, don't worry many of us did the really bad post grad run too!!

    I convinced myself I could suddenly run faster on my first run out post grad and it was a disaster too.

    Next run you do will be fine. Just need your green badge and that will make it better.

  • Gloves, that's the answer! If your hands are warm the rest of you, however lightly clad, is significantly warmer. So try running with your normal kit up top but some light gloves. In cold weather I use cycling track mitts (fingerless) and even in deep winter they've been warm enough.

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