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Wk6 run 1 epic fail πŸ˜ͺ

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So I managed the big 20 minute run on Saturday :-) and today set of for what should have been easier... I got blisters on my feet on the last run, the blisters hurt as did my legs (they always do) I ended up giving up half way through the 8 minute run.. blisters hurt, and I felt so physically tired and overall I couldn't find it in me to keep running :-(. I've been running every other day since wk 1. I have repeated two runs since the beginning because I didn't feel ready to move on. (Which was fine ) Maybe I should take a few days off? Or will that make it all worse?

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I've seen some runners extolling the virtue of injinji toe socks for blisters...

froggyrunnerGraduate in reply to runlikeagirl

I'll have. Look. My blisters are under the arch of each foot. When I did my wk5 run 3 run/shuffle I got a bit lost and ended up in wet grass.. which made my shoes and feet wet! πŸ˜‚

runlikeagirlGraduate in reply to froggyrunner

Good socks definitely help. I've not bought injinji but the ones I have give padding in all the likely areas and I've e not suffered blisters since wearing them.

froggyrunnerGraduate in reply to runlikeagirl

Excellent. New socks it is then. Thank you.


Give yourself a few days off and let your feet recover a bit, it won't affect you're over all fitness.

froggyrunnerGraduate in reply to Maddee_6333

I'm just worried if I give myself a couple of days off I'll struggle to get back in to it! Thank you for you advice though!!!

Maddee_6333Graduate in reply to froggyrunner

You seem like the sort of person that that won't be an issue for.

Maybe spend the time looking for, and buying new socks / other running gear? The lure of trying out new stuff will probably be enough to get you back out there. πŸ˜‰


Mine are by more mile x


Good advice already given, so I won't repeat.

However, this programme moves on-wards and upwards, so please be aware W6 is not an easy week. Many have fallen into the trap of thinking that it must be easier than doing a long, continuous run. It is not. It is further and will have you moving for longer. Yes you slow down briefly to a walk but your overall mileage (or meterage) covered will be more. Be prepared for this as it will stretch you and your stamina - especially, if you are expecting an easy one.


I found week 6 to be a killer to be honest

You won't look back when going on to the long runs x


A. The F (fail) word not allowed. You had a practice.

B. I am sure I could not run with blisters.

C. I was also worried when I had an enforced 4 day gap but it was fine.


I had an enforced 2.5 week break because of injury. I went back one week in the programme but found it so straightforward that I actually wonder whether I needed to - the benefit of hindsight. Your legs and feet will be fresher after a rest and you'll be raring to go!


Great. I'll take a few days and let the blisters heal then redo W6r1 πŸ‘ thanks for your input.

Once the blisters have gone down try different socks and if they come back you'll know it's your running shoes. I've been lucky (so far) not to have had blisters from trainers or socks - it's just regular shoes and sandals that cause them

Whatever you do, don't pop the blisters - pop a colloidal blister plaster over them instead if need be.

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