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Week 8 Run 2 Epic Fail!!! :-(


Completely lost it this morning and only did about 15 mins running and walked the rest. Not sure what happened though it was more gremlins than exhaustion! :-( Will repeat on Tuesday and not give up!!

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It's all practice (no failing here). Some runs go well, others less so. I'm sure Tuesday will be better :)

sarahsam76Graduate in reply to helenwheels

Thank you. That's a good way of looking at it :-)


Keep going 😊 I had the same problem on W5R2 the first time I tried it. The second time it was fine, and it was only a couple of days later. It was people on here telling me I could do it that gave me the confidence to do it. Sure it's a blip - you've got the right attitude. Good luck for next run.

sarahsam76Graduate in reply to AJ2804

Thank you


No 'f' words please... it happens and there could be so many reasons...:)

Rest up. do some stretching and stamina exercises and then when you set out Tuesday... slow and steady, relax into the longer run and know you will do it:)

sarahsam76Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Like the 'no f words!' :-) made me laugh. Any idea what stamina exercises could I do? I have not done them before.


Sorry, I don't have any expert advice but wanted to cheer on a fellow early riser! It was lovely and crisp in the early hours of this morning. Even as a walk I hope you enjoyed getting out there as much as I did? Your still achieving by keeping up the routine and getting yourself moving. Good luck on your next run 😀

sarahsam76Graduate in reply to Amy1931

Hello fellow early riser :-) Once i get out of bed i love being out early. Its a great way to start the day and yes I did enjoy the walking :-) Not sure what I will do when the mornings get darker...not got that far yet in my thinking!


I think we've all been there!!! Repeat it and you'll be fine. I think that happened to me once in wk 2 and then 6 and then 8 😂

sarahsam76Graduate in reply to froggyrunner

Thanks. Going to repeat on tues. I have had a heavy food weekend with a wedding and my daughter had me up and down a fair bit in the night so that probably had something to do with it. From an exercise point of view I did do 40 ish minutes of walking / running so at least I ticked that box!! :-)

Hey you didn't do the Eff word. Just a practice run, which at this stage of the programme puts more stamina in the bank and kms on your clock. Take a rest, do some fruity swearing at the gremlins and put on your trainers with renewed grit for your next time out. You did Run 1 and so Run 2 is no different to that. Very best of luck next time out

sarahsam76Graduate in reply to Jancanrun

Thanks. I think I was disheartened because I did run 1 ok and even did an extra 30secs running! Onwards and upwards :-)

Jancanrun in reply to sarahsam76

It's a pesky week this one. I try this same run tomorrow and there is a sense of foreboding reading posts about W8. But you have the spirit and the fact that you smashed R1 says it all. Good luck...

sarahsam76Graduate in reply to Jancanrun

Good luck for tomorrow :-)


You didn't fail you had a practice run !!


Don't worry about it or dwell on it, it happens. You have completed this run so you know you can do it. When I feel like stopping I go through a mental check list to make sure no really problems, feet, ankles, knees etc. I then hear Oldfloss saying 'slow and steady' and slow down a bit but just keep running.


The first time I pulled up short ( don't like the f-word, not keen on 'practice run' either) was weeks after graduation. I have done it a couple of times now. No rhyme or reason that I can fathom, and on both occasions I ran again after a days break and completed the planned run no problem.

It happens. Don't dwell on it. You've got this🏃🏃


As everyone else had said 'it's not a f***'. Sometimes the gremlins and Peskie Pixies work their evil way but they don't have the level of stamina you have built up therefore they won't be with you next time out!


Thank you all for your words of motivation. Went out this morning as planned and completed the full 2i minutes running. Feeling fab now. Thanks guys :-)


Oh no Sarah that's just your practice for completing it on Tuesday - i will keep everything crossed for you. Good luck :)


I was exactly the same tonight. Week 9 run 1 was terrible. Only managed 15 mins too and felt well out of it.

Im going to repeat too so hopefully we will both be back on track 😉

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