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Wk9 run 1 - Epic Fail!

What a disaster! Finally decided I had enough of back tracking on my route to fit the runs in so extended my route today. Wish I hadn't bothered! 1st 20 mins was great and I was feeling good, until I realised that small hills with flat and down hills meant I faced one huge up hill pull for my last 10 mins. It was like hitting a brick wall and I just couldn't do it :( So my 30 run became a 20 min with 10 min walk followed by 10 mins running because I refused to give in. Will be reviewing my route for me next run!

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That is DEFINITELY NOT a "fail"!

You ran for over 20 mins incl a hilly bit, which is fab! Don't be too hard on yourself! I still avoid hills wherever possible other than one hill which I incorporate as part of my tougher session once a week!

My big sis (took up running aged 47 and has since done 7 marathons including SNOWDON!) has a saying that no run you actually do is a failure. You learn more from "bad" runs than good. The only failure is not trying.


That's no fail, being a flat runner (there are no hills near me only underlations or railway bridges) I'm always amazed when you read about people running up hills, even little ones. Well done for finishing off and not giving up.

I'm sure your next outing will be great!


Thank you to both of you, been feeling a bit fed up about it today but I'm sure you are right, no run is a failure considering 9 weeks ago I couldn't run at all! Will try again on Tuesday but maybe somewhere flat x


Hi there, You haven't failed anything! Your route is difficult anyway and now on week 9 you're expected to run for 30 minutes which you did! I am 100% sure that if you take the hills out of the equation you will smash the 30 minutes! What time are you going out on Tuesday?


Not sure what time I am working yet so playing it by ear at the moment, will text you when i Know. Thank you for the support, blessed hills!!


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