Afternoon all, wk4 run two done and dusted this morning !!!

Afternoon all, wk4 run two done and dusted this morning !!!

How dooooo all, well after waking up at 10 instead of 8 this morning, wasn't the best of starts, prob due to last nights very naughty Indian curry and bottle or so of red wine :-) :-) however, 1 cup of tea, glass of water and banana later I set about my wk 4 run 2.

Weather nice and mild o put my shorts on with running t shirt and shell jacket over the top. 5 mins walk then off for the first 3 mins, all ok so far but then by the time of starting the 5 min run I was at the bottom of that dreaded hill, deep breaths and slowly made it to the top, round the corner and on the flat towards the village, by the time I got to the butchers I sounded and felt like a 1920's steam train, and then it came, Laura stating your half way through, oh my god!!!! Well I then did the next lamp post all the way till Laura finally told me to slow down, relief!!!! Kep telling myself I used to be able to run for 30 minutes only 2 months ago and I can do this, I straightened up, deep breaths, dug deep and carried on to complete the next 3 and 5 minute runs and the 5 min cool down walk home.

Stretches, stomach exersizes and shower later off out to walk the woofer, did same route so in total ran for 16 mins but covered 5.5 miles.

I will prob do two weeks of week4 and then progress, but I will do this and get my fitness back to where it was in October, I had just forgotten how hard it was lol :-)

Anyway attached is pic of the woofer on walks haha. Looks like an angel but a bit of a hooligan lol

Take care and thanks for everyone else's support in there blogs, oh and happy running



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7 Replies

  • Nice one Matey, you made it up that hill so I guess it's like you said. You can do this??

  • Nice blog and nice picture of the woofer - s/he looks lovely!

    Well done for that run - it sounds fun but tough - uphill, eurgh! I take my metaphorical hat off to you!

  • Cheers viv for the support, as usual you are. Star.

    Hope you had good Christmas and new year

    Take care


  • Great - you'll soon be back up tp speed again! I re-did some runs and it was never quite as bad as doing it the first time, probably because by then I knew I could do it. You made me smile, though, with your descriptions - and especially with Laura coming in when you're only half-way through and you're convinced there's only two seconds left :D Keep at it though - you know you want to !

  • Happy New Year, James! Well done for getting back to it. I was horrified by h ow much fitness I lost when I was off running for 6 weeks with the shin splints! (In spite of doing lots of other exercise). But now after redoing some of C25k I feel I'm back where I was in October, and don't feel so pressurised either. For example, I was going to run this morning but hey, it didn't work out, I'll go later on or tomorrow. You will regain that hard-won fitness! You've done other programme once and don't need to prove to yourself that you can do it this time! Best of luck, Sue

  • Hey Soozz

    Happy New Year to you, hope you had a good Christmas and New Year, great to hear from you again.

    I know what you mean with how much fitness you lose sooooo quickly. Anyway im back on it now, and believe me i shall be back up there, but as you say this time the pressure is not there, i have done it before and can do again, in my own time.

    Im currently followin week 4 which the first run was really hard, second little easier but still hard, (no achy legs this time) and tonight will be run 3.

    Last night i had a sneeky go on my wifes Excersize bike that lodges in the garage just to do a little non impact.

    In honesty i am beginning to enjoy it again as i have a goal in site, but like you said, all in good time with no pressure.

    Let me know how your getting on and great to hear from you,


    PS i had a nice little rinnin g flashing torch for christmas that goes on your arm, it has no batteries and is solar powered. Im going to give it a try tonight haha :-)

  • Bloody predictive text. I didn't mean 'other', I meant 'the'!

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