Week 2, Run 1

I was a little apprehensive going into this week. Doing the 60 second run felt like it was pushing me some of the times. But this was easy peasy!! It almost felt like i must have missed something, but I listened to Laura the whole way, so I know missing something was impossible. This is the first time i've actually listened to the podcast. I was using a program on my phone that was just a timer and beeps. Perhaps it was listening to her and the music that made it seem easier. Whatever it was, i'm sticking with it. It's Laura from now on!!

I hope everyone had a good c25k day!


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  • Great job, qdaisy!! I find that if I can allow my mind to concentrate on anything other than running that the time seems to go by much quicker!! The less I worry about how far I have to go or how fast I am going, the easier the run seems to be!! Hopefully, Laura and the music will give you the same experience!! Keep Running!!

  • Good job Qdaisy. I found week 2 a bit of a struggle so if you've got through easily you're doing well.

  • I only got through the first run. I hope the next two go as smoothly. :-)

  • well done. smhall is right, if your mind is allowed to wander and not focus on the time or distance you can relax into the running and get a great deal more out of it. It will seem to go faster and you'll tap into the stress busting benefits of running

  • Great job qdaisy!!!! All the comments are right on! So happy week 2 is going well for you!!!!

  • Good for you, I was so unfit I actually had to repeat week 1 but since then I haven't looked back.

    It is still hard, and every new stage is a challenge but I have been able to keep going, haven't repeated any more weeks (no matter how much I thought I should) because everyone who contributes to these boards will say the same thing - trust the programme and have faith in yourself - I have literally just completed W6R3 and am now only 3 weeks away frim graduating as a 30 minute runner (not fast enough to make it to 5k just yet) - I never would have thought it was possible when I started as an overweight, middle aged unfit beginner who struuggled with 60 second runs :o)

    Keep at it - the satisfaction you will feel each time you reach a new milestone is AMAZING!

  • I'm so looking forward to reading your graduation blog. Only 7 short weeks away. You are gonna love this!

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