week 5, run 1

well, never thought i'd say this, but....i'm actually enjoying this running lark! If you'd have asked me at the start of the programme how I was feeling, you'd have got a totally different answer. I am probably 3 stone overweight and really struggled at the start, but I did not quit. I felt at times like I was running backwards I was going so slowly. I do not try to run fast, I just try to get to the end of the podcast and listen to everything that Laura says. Still can't say I'm losing much weight, but work clothes felt a tad looser today, so it's all good. I know it can be hard, but keep at it!


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  • I run three times a week and I am finding that my stomach is getter less flabby. I think once you start running regularly, further and faster - combined with a healthy diet - you can't help but lose weight. I think speed must come after you've built up strength and stamina but I wouldn't be in any hurry at this stage

  • Fantastic! It is addictive, so beware. It doesn't matter how slow you are, just do the runs. You may not lose weight to begin with but your body shape will change (everything will tone up!). Really well done.

  • Thanks very much for the encouragement. I'll keep plugging away!

  • I'm at the same stage as you and need to shift about 3 stone. I got such a buzz finishing the 1st run of week 5 last night. I felt as if I could just keep going! I also do Zumba once a week and have noticed my fitness level has improved a lot. I've been doing sw for the past 5 weeks and despite all this I've only lost 9 lbs but I feel loads better. I'm a bit disappointed with my weight loss so far but in comparison to 5 weeks ago I'm moving more and eating healthier so that can only be good. Good luck with the rest of the programme from a fellow convert!

  • Sounds like you're doing really well. Great stuff with the 9lb weight loss. And good luck to you too :))

  • You're doing really well Sarah and don't be disappointed at your slow weight loss at this stage. It will get better if you maintain the running and healthy eating. You'll feel so much healthier once the weight does really start to shift and you'll find running so much easier too. Being heavy takes a real toll on your joints, so shedding the pounds is a very good plan. Happy running. You too Pricey!

  • Ha! you called me pricey!!

  • Thanks, it's really motivating to chat to others who are in the same boat or like you have been there and come through shining - just fab, well done.

  • Well done! I've got about a stone to drop and although I'm now w5r2 (lunchtime today!), I've only lost a couple of pounds. However, I can notice the difference in my body shape, which is fantastic. Not there by a long way, but definitely going in the right direction. Its a marathon (not literally!), not a sprint!

  • Good on you. Keep going

  • Really impressive - well done!

    I also have at least 3 stone to lose, and I'm dreading my week 5 run due soon - so its good to know yo are surviving! Thats good advice and good motivation!

  • I think you'll find it easier than you think. Great feeling of achievement at the end of the run too!!

  • I hope you didn't mind my shortening your name

  • Not at all. That's what people call me!

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