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Week 2 Run 1

Finished run 1 last night, and was really surprised how easily I got through it, there was only a brief moment where I willed Laura to tell me to slow down - but I'm so pleased to have got through it.

My legs are really feeling it tonight though, and I am a little achy and sore, but this is what the rest day is for right?!!

I'm so glad to be on this journey, and I really hope I keep doing so well.

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Well done. :-) Do you stretch before and after your runs?


I must admit I dont - I've just looked at the stretches suggested on the website, and I might do those next time. Any others you can suggest?


You know most of the time I actually forget to stretch, but my legs never ache (touch wood) I do do a fair amount of walking though throughout the week so that maybe why my legs don't ache. And whatever the reason I am grateful. :-)

So do stretches before and after you jog and see if it helps. And taking it slow as Greenlegs below has suggested is the best advice, I am continually having to tell myself to slow down and I find it very difficult, particularly when I first start out.


Well done!!! :-) Feel free to even do a longer warmup walk before you begin the podcast. This may help as well as doing a few post-run stretches. So true about the rest day! You need it! :-) Your muscles are working to recover and repair even when you don't realize it. A helpful hint from this community:after a run, spray the coldest water you can handle on the area that bothers you. Many a time I have almost jumped through the shower door when I forget and crank it to COLD instead of gradually increasing the chilliness. :-) Gayle


Great work! :)

Another tip is to start off slow, and stay slow, if you have aching legs. Don't worry too much about how fast you are going, just let your joints and muscles get used to the action of running (or the 'juffle' - jog/shuffle). You can speed up later - it's not a race! I've been slow all the way through, and haven't had very few aches or pains. (I hardly did any stretching either, naughty me!)

Of course, if you want to go faster, you can, but you don't actually need to. :)


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