Structuring Post-Graduation Runs

I graduated on Sunday and my first post-graduation run wasn't brilliant. I was so looking forward to running to 'my' music, but I missed Laura more than I ever could have expected! I used Map My Run, but that just made me want to run too fast as it would only count my KMs, not the minutes. I did the 30 mins but it felt chaotic.

I know there are C25K+ and other podcasts but I really still wanted to listen to my tunes, at least for a bit.

I decided to change things for my second post-graduation run this morning: instead I crafted a playlist that included a 5 minute warm up track then enough music to just exceed a 30 min run and no more. I knew that if I ran my complete playlist I would run for just over 33 mins. I even had the song count, but soon forgot that. I was listening out for the final playlist song (Eminem - my son would be proud!) and when that completed it was the end of my run and I switched to a warm down walk. It worked! I ran for just a little longer than the 30 mins, didn't push myself too fast (the Map My Run KM count was very much a secondary consideration) and I ended up feeling chuffed again!

I'm by no means a running expert, but thought I'd write this up in case it's of help to any other graduates.

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  • Great post. I know exactly what you mean.. I felt the same and almost a little bit "lost" without Laura. I sooo wish she would do a bridge to 10k plan. Are you going to do a park run this Saturday? :-)

  • Don't think I'm ready for park runs yet. I like the solitude of plodding along by myself! Maybe in the autumn...

  • Really interesting, I went off on my own and it was very strange. Although, Laura still played in my head as did some of the music. I returned to Laura on R2 this week and was much more comfortable. It's like my water bottle a bit of a crutch. I think I may try to compile my own list, it will be fun. Thank you for the top ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • It absolutely is of help!!! Thank you :) This is a GREAT idea. I was feeling a bit 'lost' on my first post-grad run yesterday, this is the solution though - can lose myself in the music AND it will keep the time :) Thank you again :)

  • Hi that's a great idea - thanks for sharing your experience

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