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Couch to 5K
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I've done it!!! W9 Run 3 done and dusted, NEXT!!!

Enjoyed my run today. And I have DONE IT! Woot! Woot! Now, where do I get my shiny green badge :-)

This is a great program, I can't believe how far I have come. I've now downloaded the 5K+ podcasts, and I'm going to mix it up a bit with some hills and intervals to see if I can go a bit further, for a bit longer, a bit faster. I'm still not running 5K, more like 3.4 at the moment in 30 mins. But offroad.

Now for a cup of tea.

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Well done, you!! That's fantastic news! If you send a message to JR21, he can sort out your badge for you.



Thanks Ade, and well done you too :-)


Congratulations Chocotwit !! Such a great achievement, enjoy :)

Next big shout out will be your first 5k. It's such a buzz too lol


Well done! Keep it up and aim for 5k and then 5k in 30 mins.

I found it was useful to set new targets post graduation.


Wow I love your motivation and positivity no wonder you have graduated and you've done it in style. Send JR21 thats our John in Admin a message telling him your've finished and you'll get your lovely green badge, wear it with pride you deserve it.


Well done, fab achievement & good to see you already have some post grad goals in mind :D

Best of luck for your 1st post grad run - enjoy the freedom :)


Well done and please do stick around here. I love hearing what graduates are up to now I'm entering week 7, I'm starting to think about life after graduation.




Yay!! We got badges!!

Have a great weekend!


Thank you all very much for your kind words, yay Ade!

I did a 5.2km orienteering race yesterday, ok it took me 2hours but it was technical difficulty 5, and although I did get lost a few times I did find all the controls. Eventually lol!

Probably 8 k all told, mostly walking but with some jogging. I really enjoyed it despite the weather. A bit sore today, back to running later this week I think.


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