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Hurray! I've done it!

Today I have run 5k! 

I've been managing about 4k with the help of the podcasts, but today - w9r3 - I kept going to run for a full 5k. 

I'm not saying it was pretty, there were a few concerned looks from dog walkers and I still look like a beetroot in Lycra, but I managed to run for 49 minutes.

Nine weeks ago I couldn't have ran to the end of my road and now I can run for 3 miles. I am so proud of what I have achieved with the help of the podcasts. 

I've ran in frost, rain, after 12 hours at work and when I didn't feel like it. As much as I have worked my muscles, I feel as if I have trained my brain to rise to the challenge. I can do anything if I try and maintain the effort. 

Onwards and upwards then - going to try and lose weight properly and keep on running, see if I can do it a bit quicker! But it doesn't matter how fast (or slow) I am, I'm doing it and that's all that matters. 

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Well done!! Congratulations on graduating. You are right, speed doesn't matter - just getting out there and doing  it is all that matters. Keep up the good work! :)

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Brilliant - well done Becky. AIUI (week 6 day 1 myself) these 9 weeks are all about teaching your body to run and building up a good stamina base, which is best done slowly.

Similar to getting a black belt in most martial arts - now you have learnt the basics you are ready to learn the good stuff, focussing on speed etc.

Well done again, sincerely.


Beetroot in Lycra is an excellent look. Rock it!!!!!

Congratulations... What an achievement!!!! 

Go get that badge, Graduate!!!!

Remember, "We don't grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges! "

And you did face them and look at you now... Yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks!  How do I get my badge?


Congratulations! Fantastic to complete the programme and 5k - well done. Keep up the good work. 


Congratulations Becky "Graduate" 


Congratulations - graduation and 5k on one day! Now to plan all sorts of lovely new running adventures!


Superb , really well done ;) you should be very proud of yourself :) 


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