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W9 r3 done! I've done it!


Today's run seemed harder than the other two this week, maybe because I really didn't want it to be a practice run, but I did the 30 minutes. Not 5k, but 30 minutes of running. So I have a clear goal for my next steps. I promised myself 9 weeks ago that I would do as much as I could but did not expect to finish. I am 67 in a couple of weeks and thought that as I had always avoided running that I couldn't do it. But I did and most amazing I enjoy it and want to go on. My advice to others; trust the programme, have the right trainers and for women a good sports bra, keep going slowly and steadily and this forum is full of lovely supportive people who kept me motivated and interested. Thank you to all and I shall stay on forum to share my future experiences, but as a graduate. Hooray!

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Hi Lon70 , congratulations fellow graduate! Well done, we may have been running our graduation runs at the same time! I too am not yet up to 5k but I am confident we will both do it! Have a terrific graduation weekend, enjoy 🏃🏻😃

Lon70Graduate in reply to Millsie-J

I am so pleased for you too. Congratulations. I haven't decided how to reward myself but I intend to keep running and so will go out on Sunday morning as usual. I can't be

I've I've just written that.

Enjoy your feeling of achievement.

Millsie-JGraduate in reply to Lon70

Great, we may be running together (well at same time anyway!) on Sunday too!


Hi Lon70, very well done! I graduated two days ago after just turning 50, and like you, didn't expect to finish! I hope to continue with this running lark, and hope to see future posts from you too, about your running adventures to come! Congratulations!

Lon70Graduate in reply to mand3966

Thank you. Well done. I don't how I'm going to manage without Lsura. But we shall all need to support each other on this big adventure!


Congratulations! Another graduate today. You've done so well - I hope you feel proud!

Wel done Lon70 . Superb effort.


Isn't it the greatest feeling?

Those of us in our 60s who should be curled up in an armchair in our frail dotage are out there showing the young kids of today that we're made of sterner stuff than they thought and we're going to deprive them of their inheritance for a few more years yet!

Lon70Graduate in reply to Usain_Balti

Thank you. I am determined to keep going to have a healthy older age and spend my hard earned pension. Enjoy your running adventures and look forward to reading your posts.


Magic! Bet you're floating on air!

And well done Jacsw too. :)

🎼🎧Congratulations and celebrations🎧😊Be very, very proud and very pleased you can't hear me sing 😉


Brillant !

Many Congratulations on a fantastic achievement ! Isnt it amazing what we can achieve when we put our minds to it ?

Happy Running, and I hope you enjoy wherever your running takes you from here :-) xxx

Lon70Graduate in reply to poppypug

Thank you so much and to all who run this fantastic forum. So supportive and helpful


Fantastic. Really really well done! I bet you have a smile that can be seen for miles 😊 🌟🍷🎈🎓CONGRATULATIONS🎓🎈🍷🌟😊


Congratulations - very inspiring. I am 61 never run before and am just about to start week 9 next week, it's wonderful isn't it?

Lon70Graduate in reply to Hidden

Yes. It is amazing what we can do when we try. I am glad you enjoy it too. I think that week 9 was harder than I thought it would be because I was near the end of the programme and worry about what to do next. Good luck and look forward to reading your graduation post. Great achievement so far


Congratulations!! You did it! Your must feel great and deserve to feel very proud. Your new badge looks fab! :)

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