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I've done it!!!

I did the last run today - felt hard compared to R1 and R2 of the week but I think some runs are just difficult?

I did 2.6 miles today so I am getting faster and my next goal is 5K in 30 mins.

Do you think I should aim to increase my time ( ie I am on track to run 5K in 36 mins) by 3 mins over the next weeks so I actually run 5K and then try and increase my speed to bring the 5K under 30 mins. Bit confused on how to do it? Any suggestions gratefully received.

Thanks to all the people that have helped and given me inspiration over the weeks - still in a daze that I can run 2.6 miles.

I am especially pleased because I had my adductor longus (inner thigh muscle) removed many years ago and the whole leg is a bit messed up so when I run my hip flexor and gluts are a bit difficult. I went to the physio to help me prepare for the runs and my leg has got so much better over time.

Yey me!!!! (blowing that trumpet)


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Brilliant - congratulations and I expect it's even more of a triumph because you've had to do it without your abductor longus!

It's really up to you what to do now - you are a graduate and a free agent. You can either stick with 30 mins running and watch your distance creep up, or extend your time running and watch your speed creep up. I don't think there is any 'right' way to do it.

Enjoy your running!


Thanks! I have just noticed I have my graduate badge!!


I'd actually recommend doing both. What I do is one 'long' run a week (at the moment that's the full 5k), one 30 mins (hopefully the distance creeps up slowly, it has done so far, but thats the 'easy' run) and one 30 min interval (that's your choice though, another normal 30 mins might be more your cup of tea)

The interval is supposed to increase speed, and the long run to increase stamina. You can make your 'long run' whatever distance is a little above what you'd normally do in 30 mins?

EDIT: I forgot to say congrats on the amazing progress so far! 5k in 30 mins sounds like a good goal. I am proud with my progress since I've always been unfit but also have asthma and 'small lungs'- I was born premature and my lung capacity is slightly less than it should be- but when I reach my goal of 5k in 36 mins I will be soo happy.


Thanks for your reply - so how do you do the interval run? x


It was from my 5k training plan with run keeper I mixed in with c25k- now I do 1:30min hard run, 1 min walk (trying to keep to a fast walk, maybe one day ideally a slow jog) for 30 mins- I find I run as fast as or better than my usual 30 min pace


Congratulations! Lovely shiny graduate badge! C25k complete... many more happy runs ahead I hope! I agree with Ullyrunner, how you build up now is up to you. Personally, I extended the time until I was running three x 5ks. Now I am doing two x 5ks and one longer run at the w/e as I want to work up to 10k. Speed definately increases naturally over time but you can always look at the speed and stamina podcasts too when you are ready. I think for me I just wanted to reach and consolidate that 5k first. Good luck!


Yes extended time sounds like a plan - I cannot wait to run 5k!


I would stick with running your normal pace and gradually adding time at first. Speed will increase of its own accord by this process. Trying to push pace too early on is a recipe for injury. You are still in the strnegthening phase - let it happen organically.

And well done.


Agree 100% with that :)


Will do x


Congratulations! I just finished my last day today as well and I agree, it was tough! I think my head was playing games with me but I plowed through. I considered starting the 10k program, but I think I'm going to stick with running the 5k for awhile to increase my endurance through the winter (I can't do the treadmill) and then work on increasing my distance. ☺


Well done!


Well done! Especially as your without an adductor.

Go with what Rig say's...


I know - my leg is such a pain! I'd be a proper athlete if not!!


Em, You are a proper athlete! Just build gradually..


Fab stuff Emma ! Many Congratulations to you !!

I would personally just concentrate on running 3 times a week for 30 minutes for the time being just to get your body used to running that time and distance .

Good Luck ! :-) xxx


Yes think i'll do just that - it was tough today so still not easy x

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Congratulations... Feels good doesn't it? I am also looking to increase my speed over the next few weeks I am going to approach it via intervals.

Happy running 😀


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