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I've done it! I've run 5k!! Yippeeeee!!

That's it people! I've just got back from tonight's run and am absolutely thrilled to say I've finally run 5k, in 34 minutes! Woohoo!!

It's been a long time coming since I started this program in about August last year, but what with house moves and shin splints it's not been easy and to be honest running 5k seemed like a distant dream last year!

My shins are giving me a bit more trouble after tonight's run so am pleased I'll be seeing the physio tomorrow - think I will have to go easier for a while but am hoping a nice hot bath tonight might help.

In the meantime, I'm basking in my runner's high! Still can't believe I've done it, wow!

Thanks everyone for all the support :-)

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Well done you! I've had the attack of the shin splints three times since I started last year and as soon as I changed my shoes they vanished. I really feel for you. I'm on course to graduate in 3 weeks, so hurray for not giving up, thought it was just me who'd been unlucky! Good time as well btw, double celebration.




Well done r_f_r job well done. Try some ice on your shins it may help reduce the inflamation.


Congratulations for the 5K and also for keeping on getting out there :-)


Hope you're still basking! It is such an achievement to keep on running for 5k - well done! :)


Thanks a lot guys!!


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