What's my age again?

I was absolutely itching to get out for W8R1 tonight. I was feeling really worked up and annoyed about recent life events which are entirely out of my control unfortunately, and wanted to use my run as a destressor.

Well I thought I had run in the rain before, but it was nothing like tonight. It was emptying down! I almost hesitated, but knew I would regret it, so off I went into the dark, rainy night.

I welcomed Laura back tonight as it was the first run of the week and I must say, I didn't get annoyed at her. The tunes weren't too bad and she provided just enough encouragement.

I did a bit of a mixed route tonight - usual area but different residential streets which held my interest.

To all those who are apprehensive about running in the rain... I. Had. An. Absolute. Ball. :) I really enjoyed myself and was grinning from ear to ear like a mad woman, splashing through the puddles. I had so much fun and the technical top and tights i had on meant I only felt slightly damp. My face and hair were soaked but it was really lovely to get cooled down. I must admit that part of the appeal was feeling like a "hardcore" runner and imagining people in their cars thinking "wow, she must be keen, running in that!". I was and am so keen; I really enjoyed myself tonight and the 28 minutes whizzed by! I felt like my "inner child" had been reawakened and I cannot believe I found so much joy from being out in the rain.

I actually ran out of street, so had to run down some cul-de-sacs along the way so I wouldn't reach my house before the time was up. This made it difficult to calculate distances, but rudimentary measuring suggests around 4.34km in 28 minutes. Off the pace for 5k in 30mins for now, but I don't mind. It's something to work towards.

While having my post-run shower, I realised all being well, I will graduate next weekend. This thought made me feel very sad, as I have enjoyed the process immensely and don't feel ready for it to end!


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17 Replies

  • What a fantastic run! I'm very happy for you, and you're another convert to running in the rain. I have a friend who's doing the programme too and she's adamant about not running in the rain, but I keep on trying to tell her to try it cos she might like it. I normally hate getting wet but love the odd rainy run. Keep on having fun!

  • Thanks suki; your friend should just get out there in the rain - if she tries it and hates it, fair enough but I bet it's not as bad as she thinks!

  • Woo, woo! What a great and inspiring blog. Glad you had such a good run. Today is a running day and it's tipping down, was thinking "Oh dear, treadmill run". But I'm going to put on my new outer top and brave it - and hope I have as much fun as you did.

    Not long left at all till you graduate!

  • Thank you Sooz, I once heard a quote, I think by Billy Connolly who said "there's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes" and I think my recent purchase of better running gear helped me get out there!

  • You almost make me want to run in the rain. Sounds like you had a great time.

  • I really did Chewy, it was great fun; which is just as well as between the amount of rain in this country and my hatred of running on treadmills (I get the same feeling as travel sickness!), I'd probably never keep up the programme. Good luck on future runs!

  • All this is very inspiring. I've only run once in the rain & hated it. I need my glasses (ie too short -sighted to go without!). I'm seriously thinking of getting contacts. I like the sound of the technical top & tights....will have to do some research! Thanks.

  • Thanks Rosie55, yes I imagine running with glasses in the rain is an entirely different experience to mine. I hope you find something to make it a bit less frustrating for you. I got my new running gear from Decathlon. You can order online too i think but each item was in and around £20 and they are very comfortable and quick drying.

  • Oooh I will look at that - thanks!

  • Running in the rain is wonderful isn't it? Like you say releasing that inner child. After the stress you mention I would imagine it was just the thing you needed. I think everyone should do at least one run in the rain. We'd all be a lot more happier. ;-)

  • It's brilliant AnneDJ! I think there's something about answering the "oh no, I'm getting wet, where's my umbrella/coat?" with "who cares, it's only rain and I can jump in the shower as soon as I'm home". I agree with you that we'd be a lot happier just letting go of worrying about getting soaked and splashing about in the puddles :)

  • It doesn't have to end ! this is the beginning.... the 5k+ podcasts are waiting for you! and the music is better...

  • Thanks SarahR, yes I must have a look at them and download sometime soon so I don't lose motivation. It just feels like I'm approaching the end but as many have said, it is hopefully only the start! I'd love to get up to running half-marathon distance by the time I turn 30 (Feb 2014) which I think is more than achievable if I keep going the way I am. I just need some short term goals to focus on in the meantime and the 5k+ podcasts could be the very thing!

  • Hi, I remember commenting on a blog last week about wanting to run in the rain, as I heard it is great fun and the very next day I had my opportunity! It was absolutely siling it down! Horizontal rain and massive winds, I was soaked to the skin. My clothes were really heavy and weighing me down, giving my legs twice the usual workout, but it was so much fun. I look forward to another run like that! Though maybe it's time to invest in some running gear rather than my combat shorts I usually wear!

  • Hi Rollertoaster, yes I imagine running gear would hold a lot less water than the combat shorts but sure, you had fun and it added another element to your run :)

  • LOVED this post, and I LOVE running in the rain, my most fun run I got drenched through to me undies lol! And in my view graduating is like passing your driving test, it is in fact only the start of your running life!

  • Thanks Deryn! Wow, that sounds like a LOT more rain than I had!

    That's a really lovely way to view the C25K and I suppose like driving where you have the first time you drive on a motorway, the first time you do a really steep hill start, the first time you get your R plates off and can drive at 70mph, with running I'll have the progression (hopefully!!!) of getting faster and more comfortable with 30 mins, then 5k, then work on hills, 10k etc - I just need to sit down and think of some concrete goals I want to achieve and by when. Hopefully this will help keep me motivated :)

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