Rain running

So I'm back with a new training plan courtesy of endomondo which I quite like really as it chirrups in your ear what to do and I've never really got over loosing Laura. Thing is I may have been a bit over enthusiastic with my input stats as tonight's run called for 400m of 5.04min/ km. Anyway first the run- I headed out the door about 8pm once the wee fella had been put to bed and I had my game face on as I feel a whole heap of motivation tonight. The rain was plumping down as I tootled down my lane into the road. It's warm tonight through and once throughly soaked I don't actually give a fig about being wet, in fact I grinned with satisfaction of being liberated into the dampness! I started the run and went off a bit speedy, running past the little boutique shopping mall, and noticing a sale on( I'll be down there tomorrow I think). Then I saw blue flashing lights, thankfully not for me (this time I was fully dressed, another story...) but an ambulance. As I gaily trotted past I gazed in but didn't see who was working (husbands a paramedic and it pays to be friendly- you never know when you'll need one!). I ran out round brackabroom, which is a tree lined road of a few country residences and very quiet. I saw a grey crane hopping about in the steam finishing his supper no doubt. then bloody endo piped up and the FAST run started. I gave it a go, God loves loves a trier. But I'd had a big dinner about 6pm of duck, mashed potato, and butter squash gratin and is would be fair to say it's not the dinner of a would be champion. Aw well I'll live and learn! At 200m I thought I'd be seeing said dinner again but I plunged on thinking of greatness etc. so I got 5.10min/km instead of the recommended 5.04 I'll take that, I'm never going to be fast, I don't even like it, but I'll leave the mash out next time and who knows? So the rest of the run was recovery and it was bliss running back along the road in the soft rain, with an almost fast run under my belt. Sailing in new waters now with these sprints, but I'll give it a go- I've a tendency to be lazy. Husband of course thinks I'm nuts out in the rain. But I'm not because I can bet my bottom dollar a few of you crazies were out as well😉


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10 Replies

  • Okay - I use endomondo to log my runs - didn't realise you could set it up as a training plan. Just had a look and it diverted me to a page to upgrade to 'premium' - not sure I'm ready to commit money to this yet - perhaps I'll see how you get on before I try it out myself?

    I think you should be mega proud of that run - you kept going despite rain (I haven't run in the rain yet at all!) - you pushed yourself to do that fast run and I think 5:10 min/km definitely counts - that's excellent! And you spotted some cool things on your travels, I love reading your adventures. Let us know how the training plan pans out. What's your goal?

  • Great post! I really enjoyed that. Yep, less mash will make you go faster next time. You could save it for when you get back. A treat!

  • Yep, with you there on the rain run. Went out yesterday, it was raining when I started, warm up walk, shorts and vest t-shirt, continued raining all the way round, 8k l and an hour later, back home, still raining, with a slightly crazy smile on my face, absolute bliss! 😄


  • I love rain running, makes me feel like I'm much more dedicated for some reason. People think I am crazy but I don't care, I'm lapping all the couch potatoes and would defo recommend getting wet, weird i know but satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Yes, I love the rain too. The only minor problem is that I wear glasses, and rain makes them difficult to see through, and also makes them slip down my nose. Soooo, I tend to run without my glasses in the rain. I'm not blind without them, but I cannot see much detail, so I dont recognise folks.

    I'm thnking that I'd like to start another training plan soon. I've upped my distance to 18km so far. My goal is to manage half Marathon distance, so I'm not far off that. Once I've achieved that then I fancy finding some kind of plan as I'm missing the structure of C25K. It is nice to be able to just go out and do what you feel like, but sometimes it's nice to have structure too.

  • I wear glasses, could do with some windscreen wipers! But I just swipe them occasionally with my fingers and just keep going! I did think of trying a peaked cap, but worried about my head getting too hot, so haven't tried it yet.


  • I wear a baseball cap when its raining Madge, works a treat and the rain cools you down

    Double Brucie Bonus ! :-) xxx

  • I will have to try one, thanks pops 😄


  • What a lovely post and a great sounding run. Another rain lover here so I get it. Well done on the sprints and for keeping dinner down!

  • I was out! Loved it!

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