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W8R2 A good run

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Really enjoyed my run tonight which showed in my stats. I ran 3.75km in 28 mins which is a PB for me! Not that I ever set out to do more than just get to the end of a run without collapsing πŸ˜†

Things seem to become easier after 8-10 mins (is that the toxic 10 you were talking about Jay66UK?!), my breathing seems to settle down and things just click. Really felt like I could carry on a bit longer at the end but was not about to tackle the hill that was facing me!

To anyone struggling with all this...Just carry on...stick with it...it works. I am living proof!

18 Replies

Yup sounds like the toxic 10 to me. Well done on your pb run!

SaartjieGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

Thanks Jay. Thought of you a few times when I got to a hilly section!

Well done, not far away from week 9 and graduation now! πŸ†

Keep up the good work. We’ll all be cheering you on! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

SaartjieGraduate in reply to David_G

Thanks I actually can't believe I made it to this point. Can't tell you how many times I have tried and not made it!

Well done!! πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼

SaartjieGraduate in reply to Ripcurlrana71

Thank you! Can't believe I am enjoying this so much to be honest. I always wanted to but never thought i would actually feel like this 😊

What a great feeling right??

SaartjieGraduate in reply to Ripcurlrana71

Fab 🀩🀩


Glad it’s going well! And a lovely pic. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

SaartjieGraduate in reply to 18Windmill

Thanks. I'm surprised it's not blurred...I was trying to take it while I was running. No way I was going to stop!


Love the photo. Wow! You are a trail runner! Good for you, the graduation run is just around the corner for you. You even felt like you could run longer. It's nice to have confidence that we can do the next week's challenge.

A running group I belonged to when I was a runner once before had a phrase about finishing a run 'upright and smiling'. I guess it's another way of saying finishing a run without collapsing. They used to say that if you ran in an organised run/race then sometimes a photographer would be at the end line and that we had to be upright and smiling for the photo.

SaartjieGraduate in reply to Goforitmama

I did feel quite upright today! πŸ˜‚

Well done - almost there now! πŸ‘. Def sounds like the toxic 10!


That’s such a nice place to run! Well done for completing with such a good feeling.

I’m exactly on the same run as you. Completed W8R2 yesterday, but not had the great feeling you had (see my post).

Hoping to have the same feeling on my W8 completion run!

All the best for remaining runs! See you soon on podium soon πŸ˜€

SaartjieGraduate in reply to das_vikas

Thank you! I only actually discovered this path doing this programme which is great. Unfortunately I have a lot of road before I get there but it's a welcome change once I do.

It seems everyone gets that feeling where it clicks at some point having read other peoples posts. I just hope it continues and it's not a fluke! Good luck for the rest of your runs...see you on the podium! πŸ†


Hi interesting about the 'toxic 10', I recognise that! Did wk8r1 this morning and I didn't like the first 5-10mins at all!

Well done. I've just done w8r2 and found it really hard work. But I think i will have to do it more than 3 times before i feel comfortable to move on is that bad ? And i am still only doing 3.7km

SaartjieGraduate in reply to Karenlouise66

Well as you can see I was doing 3.75 so pretty much the same. Have only made 4k at graduation but tbh just being able to run was my goal. The leap from 28 to 30 mins is really not that noticeable so I would just stick with the programme and go even slower if you need to!

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