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W8R2: Self Inflicted Failure!

After the success of my W8R1 run, I treated myself to a new Garmin GPS watch thing, so I when it arrived I was keen to try it out. So off I went today with my fancy new watch on, heart rate monitor attached and set off on the usual route for my 28 minute jaunt.

Now then, I am not sure if it was the feeling of being 'watched' by the watch, but I went off like an absolute lunatic. I knew I was doing it, but just couldn't stop myself. I was running at such a daft fast pace, I knew I would not be able to run for the 28 minutes - no chance. I just couldn't make myself slow down though!

Needless to say, I got about half way through and was really struggling. I eventually gave up at about 18 minutes and walked back home feeling like an idiot. I decided that it would be better to just save myself until tomorrow and have another go.

What on earth was I thinking of?!

My guess is that I was just having a bad day at work and was taking my stresses and anger out on the road. Either way, it didn't really work as what was supposed to de-stress me has just annoyed me more for being such a pillock!

Grrr. Rant over.

Will have another go tomorrow when I am in a better frame of mind.

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I was given a used GPS watch and I put off using it for a long time because I didn't want to be distracted by it. I do use it now but I don't tend to look at it much other than to see what distance I've done at 30 minutes and, if I feel up to it, carry on to 5K. I also download the run to my PC to see how I did compared to previous runs. My advice is try and ignore it as much as possible and concentrate on Laura instead!


I did try to do that, but my brain was just in the wrong place. Running while fueled with anger doesn't seem to suit me!

Don't worry, I haven't abandoned Laura yet, she was still telling me how well I was doing in my ears, while I was nearly throwing up in the bushes...


Never mind, I think we all have that type of a run every now and again! Tomorow is another day and I'm sure you'll have more success ;o) Happt Garmin by the way. What did you end up getting?


I got the Forerunner 220 with a HRM. Sort of middle of the road as I understand it. I will upload the run when I get a chance so you can see it on Garmin Connect (and have a laugh).


Nice :) Look forward to viewing on Garnin Connect. As for having a laugh, that won't happen. We all know we are at different stages of fitness, distance, pace etc :)


Hehe Maysie!

I know you must be really annoyed but the good thing is you know ALL the reasons it went wrong today and next time you get out and running you'll know to pace yourself like you have done previously to get through the whole run. Even after months of running I still occasionally speed off and have to remind myself I'm not Roger Bannister :)

I'm sure this is just a blip, you'll be fine next time :)

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It was strange though, as I went out on Weds this week (while stressed from work again) and felt brilliant afterwards. If it happens again next run, I may have to put the fancy new watch back in the box until after W9R3 is done!

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Ha ha, that made me laugh Maysie! Yep Miss Garmin was watching you so you had to try and impress. We know! We've done it. Going off like the clappers only to come to a gasping, shuddering halt. Never mind. I bet you did yourself good clearing out your cylinders. A few backfires never hurt anyone. Well, I hope not any way.

Rest up now ready for the next run. A leisurely pace next time I reckon. Enjoy it!


I even seriously thought about going out again after just a couple of hours to exorcise (or should that be exercise?) the 'running failure demons'.

My head is definitely not in the right place today!!


Oh dear it is something we all do particularly when riled. Getting your pace right at the beginning really does seem to be key. As much as I dislike ups, I do find it easier to get my pace if I start my run on an up because I can't race off. By the time I reach the top I know what I'm doing and have some control over myself!


Will be interesting to see what your heart rate readings were, probably very high due to physical and emotional stress. Don't fret about it you know where you went wrong and won't do it again. Take care.


Hi Oldgirl

I know absolutely nothing about heart rates, but the new fancy watch tells me:

Ave HR: 165 BPM (89% of max)

Max HR: 181 BPM (98% of max)

My HR was at 103 BPM when I set off.

I guess that running at 98% of max probably isn't too good(?)


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