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I missed my planned wk2r3, feeling disheartened

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I feel I have let myself down. I started week 2 last week and really enjoyed run 1. I only just managed to complete run 2 on Thursday. I struggled, I felt unmotivated, very out of breath and uncomfortable. I did do it but lots slower.

My plan was to run on Sunday evening for run 3. I had a weekend with family in London from Friday-Sunday and didn’t arrive home until 9pm. I have been running at 10pm so time wasn’t an excuse, I was worn out from the very busy weekend tbh. I feel now as though I am making excuses though.......

Today I am officially into week 3 but still haven’t started wk2r3 so I am behind. I intend running this evening but I feel annoyed for my lack of motivation and missing last night and this is so early on in the programme 😟

9 Replies

Keep up the hard work Poppet Pandy!! I’m sure you can do it!! Ignore the worrying about keeping within the weeks if you miss a day because you’re tired that’s fine, the worst thing you can do is run when your tired, find it really hard and then give up. If you can running 3 times within 7 days helps because it keeps your fitness levels up but at the end of the day you’re now off the couch and doing fitness WHICH IS GREAT!! Try again tonight, I believe in you!!


Don't worry - I'm on week 4 and have missed loads of set running days before, whether because of weather or being too busy or not feeling well... the key is to just make up for the missed run and carry on when you can :) it's not a bad thing to skip a running day when you really need to!


I’d be celebrating the fact you did 5 runs in a row... that’s great, it takes some discipline to keep getting out there.

An extra rest day will give you fresher legs too... so that’s not a bad thing.

Also, if I know a run will suck, I don’t run and go out the day after. It sounds like you were all set for a really tough time out there to me... I wouldn’t have run.

If you need to do a week in a week and you’re starting weeks on Monday, then run today, Wednesday Friday and Sunday... then you’re starting week 4 next week!!!


Don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes life just gets in the way. You have not let yourself down. Just hop straight back on the programme as soon as you are ready. I sometimes wish it was divided into stages rather than weeks as sometimes it's just not possible to fit 3 runs in to a week. So back to it, you are doing great and we are here cheering you on


Don't be annoyed you had a weekend away to enjoy yourself . Just go out today you'll be so pleased when you do 😊


Having an extra rest day (or more) doesn't do any harm - in fact, I've found I have better runs when I've had more than one rest day for whatever reason! It's not a failure at all. It would only be a failure if you allowed it to make you give up completely. You clearly have the hunger and the motivation, that will only increase the more you get into the programme, so just put those running shoes back on when you're ready and pick up where you left off!


Thank you all I knew this was where I needed to come to spur me on and I think it is about not giving up completely. I could try and fit in 4 runs this week. If not I will just have to revamp my weeks.

Yes, on the positive side I’ve completed 5 runs. Thanks everyone!


Don't get disheartened.

I'm currently repeating Wk3. I breezed through Wk3 R1 and was really pleased with myself ... and then my next two runs were TERRIBLE! Awful shin pain, couldn't get my breathing right, couldn't run anything like 3 minutes despite having done it with no bother in the first run. I was really disheartened too but I decided not to run at all on Saturday or Sunday, spent Saturday in the garden and just went for a walk on Sunday instead. Today I decided to do Wk3 again and managed it OK today - completely different experience from last week. I think my body just needed a break - I was tired from work, it was hot, etc. We all have highs and lows and I was just having a bit of a low I think. Remember, you can do this at your own pace - you can repeat weeks, or individual runs, as many times as you want. Nobody's counting except you!


You’re not behind - there is no set time to complete the programme and you’ll find many of us don’t come close to finishing in 9 weeks! Sometimes life gets in the way or we need an extra day or 2 for all sorts of reasons - but the runs will be quietly waiting for you when you get back to it. Which you will! Leave that self doubt behind and crack on! Happy running!


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