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Music to my ears

Music to my ears

I've had another couple of lovey runs which I want to share for those people who are worried about losing motivaiton after graduation.

On Saturday, I completed my 2nd park run. Aside from being a bit more familiar with the course having ran it for the first time last week, the only other difference I felt to my run was that I used my music. I just ran to an album I had on my mp3 player, and felt like I was much slower than the week before, Nevertheless, I enjoyed it, I completed the 5k without walking which is always my aim. I was utterly gobsmacked when I found out my time...29:24! 100 seconds faster than last week! I am putting it down to the influence of music!

Tonight I had planned to do the Speed podcast for the first time but I had more time, and I'll be pushed for time on Wednesday so I decided at the last minute to do Stamina tonight and Speed later in the week. I had the same problem with the Stamina podcast as I had with Stepping Stones in that I was running slightly faster than the pace set by Laura. I just continued on and enjoyed the novelty of different music and an extra 5 mins to the podcast. I was nearly round the block I wanted to run when Laura said to stop, so I continued to run through the warm down and for another 3 or 4 minutes after that. I felt so tired when I stopped and crossed at the lights. I switched to my own music on shuffle for what I planned to be a walk home. Well, about a minute after I had stopped running, Queen - Radio Gaga started up. My breath was back and I felt I could go I did. I was much, much slower but my breathing was absolutely fine, and I enjoyed the slower pace.

I think my curiosity got the better of me and I jogged all the way back to my house. I finished running to Rascal Flatts - Life Is A Highway. Pure cheese but I was grinning from ear to ear.

I've no idea what the time was, but I covered 8.6km. I cannot believe it! I ran the first 6.5km in 43 - 44 minutes, so I suspect the final 2km was much slower.

I do feel pretty tired now and I've a bit of a sore left quad - I wouldn't say it is painful, but it's definitely a bit tight.

More than the distances, I feel so so relaxed and de-stressed compared to when I set out. I love that running works really well for me in this respect.

I plan to do the Speed podcast on Wednesday or Thursday and then Park Run again on Saturday. Still uber-motivated I'm pleased to report :)

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Thanks for sharing that NewbieRunner. I graduated yesterday and have not really made my mind up whether to go through the c25k+ podcasts and maybe give that a few weeks or go for the b210k programme. I have till tomorrow evening to decide! Any advice willbe welcome.


Cheers Janda and congratulations on your graduation! Fab achievement! I have dabbled with the c25k+ podcasts but not sure they're for me. Going to try speed tomorrow and then I might embark on B210K. I say give them a go; see if they work for you and if not, there are a thousand other options to keep you going! Keep blogging! :)


Wow, Newbie! Your running is just getting better and better and you sound so happy in your blog! I'm very chuffed for you.

Great parkrun time and also great distances you are now covering with ease! You are clearly embracing the freedom that graduation offers! Just think back to a few short weeks ago and how far you've come!

I think graduation was a fork in the road for us, with you taking one direction and me another as I am struggling a bit :( but reading your post graduation blogs I am determined to press on and push myself further. I am focussing on alternating speed, stamina and one run of my own for each week now (it will be speed tonight). I am determined to log a 5k time closer to 30 mins shortly!

I agree that running is good for de-stressing. It is a big part of why I do it (and probably why both of us like evening runs).

Love the image too!


Thanks RollerT, I'm really enjoying things at the moment and it makes me feel quite strong and proud that I can do something which I wasn't able to do 3 months ago.

Nooooo, you need to be my twin in this running thing! I'm sending positive thoughts and motivation your way! :) Maybe you're putting too much pressure on yourself to achieve more? Most of my achievements since graduation have happened by accident. There is no way I set out to go sub-30mins for 5k, or to run 8.6k; it just kind of happened while I was busy enjoying myself!

Go have fun and see what happens for you!


I think you're right Newbie. On the first post grad run I thought I was invincible and went all out, wanting to break the 5k in 30 mins barrier and couldn't keep up the pace, which left me feeling very disappointed! I think I forgot after graduation that I was still a beginner (it reminded me of the reality call of week 6 after the high of week 5) and felt like I was a running pro and forgot all about pacing myself.

I have done three runs now on the 5k+ podcasts and think I will really get on well with the speed one as I have seen progress in how I cope with it already and I will let the stats improve naturally, which I'm sure will happen if I do the podcast properly and regularly.

The 5k+ podcasts challenge me more again which maybe I was forgetting towards the end of C25k, where after doing essentially the same thing for 3 weeks, I got a bit complacent. I am probably mistaking being challenged and working harder with being unsuccessful.

And I will definitely take the pressure off myself. We are after all doing this for pleasure and the long haul. We don't need to do everything all at once. I need to remember this and not get hung up on stats :). Thanks, I'm looking forward to the next (pressure free) run tomorrow now, though as I am out tomorrow night, I am braving an early morning run! :)


Fantastic, NewbieRunner! What an incredible distance / time! SO impressed. Sounds like you're going from strength to strength. I found Stamina totally knackering, felt like back to W1R1 but I will be doing it again once my stupid shin splints are better. Hope you enjoy Speed, I love it.


Thank you Soozz, I still don't know where that run came from! I think I've hit my stride, though I know there will still be bad runs. I'll try speed tomorrow :) Hope the shins ease up, I used to get shin splints all the time when I was in school and they are horrible! Rest up and you'll be back in no time :)


Ah thanks, I've never had them, (never did enough exercise, ha ha), it's horrible and I feel full of anxiety in case it means I won't be able to keep up with the running. Off for a swim today to a) use up some calories and b) make sure I don't lose any of my hard-won fitness.


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