Started first day of week three and was in pain, went to Dr. on Monday and he said he wanted a MRI of the knee, MRI done on Tuesday, Wed, found out that I had a fracture of the Tibial plateau and now I am side lined for three months at least. All I wanted to do is work out and get in better shape since I am getting older. Now what and I going to do. I need to walk down the isle on Nov 17th for my Mom as her and my dad are re-newing there vows for their "50th" and I am in charge of the whole thing. This is not good.



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  • That's bad luck especially as it means no weight bearing on that knee for quite some time. Is it a displaced fracture that requires surgery? Hope not. Be careful.

  • HI Cazzania,

    Thankfully the Dr. said it was not displaced and no surgery was required but prolong walking for 3 months. This really sucks. I need to be in high heels by Nov 17th. I am going to do what ever it takes to reach this goal the most as my parents re-newel vows mean everything to me and I want to look my best for them. I go back to Dr. in a month so I hope its good news.


  • Argh, how frustrating! I really hope you heal up and feel better soon :(

  • Thank you KTMACNEE!

  • Oh dear, that's awful. How on earth did that happen? Must have been excrutiatingly painful. Hope you're able to use it again sooner rather than later.

  • Hi Stayinbed,

    Just from running.The day it happened it felt like a muscle cramp in my calf and then I continued to run and it moved to the knee and after two weeks (last Sunday) it really hurt after the first day of C25K week 3 and then went to bed that night and it hurt all night long woke up and called out of work for the first time all year and called my Dr. as I could not tolerate the pain any more.


  • Hopefully, you'll be able to be in high heels just for the day!

  • So sorry this has happened. can you do anything like upper body work to help you feel you are doing something. Do hope you get better soon

  • Thank you Gate Runner,

    Well, the crutches are giving me a good workout. Right now I have poor me attitude but I am going to try and start with the positive and work from there. Have been off the knee all weekend and going stir crazy for sure.


  • That's terrible! So sorry. Hope your knee gets better soon.

  • Thank you!

  • poor old you i'm also side lined have sacroilitis and my son's wedding in March at the minute can't even walk! Upper body work out hand bike and PMA (positive mentle attitude) will do the trick - good luck to you

  • Trying to have the positive attitude but its hard and with the cruches i am getting my upper body work out.


  • So sorry to hear your bad news, I was wondering if you could try swimming? might be worth checking with the doctor but if he says it is ok at least you could keep doing that while your knee mends:)

  • Thanks Deano,

    Someone else mentioned this to me, I am going to call Dr. tomorrow to see if that is ok. I hope so as I am already going stir crazy.


  • Hope it heals quickly! Make sure you get plenty of vit D and calcium!

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