Chubby running buddy slowed me down!

Chubby running buddy slowed me down!

Wanted to do a 5k steady run today and thought I would try to help my little friend Max get in shape, he has never been for a run with me before. Bless him, he was fantastic fun to go out with and a perfect gentleman on the lead too. He has gained a bit of weight lately so it will be great for him to get fit. He tried really hard to keep up but I just couldn't keep running when he was puffing and panting, so just walked and ran as he seemed happy. Not fast but fun and his little tummy was plastered in mud. Definitely want to take him out again. He is fast asleep right now, think he is dreaming about the woods and fields. Julie


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  • Ah bless im! Bear in mind though that Jacks can't run far. They can run fast in short bursts, but not too far. My husband used to run with our JR. It was the only time we got some peace as he'd have a good kip when they got back. He was a really naughty dog. I don't suppose yours is though

  • My old JR, Mickey (the best dog in the world) who died about 5 years ago would have scoured the woods for rabbits. He would have criss crossed the paths and could amuse himself, never caught anything but always believed he would! Max is 8 and has a heart murmur according to the vet, had most of his teeth removed but he is a wonderful companion as long as I am taking my time - he loved it LOL X

  • Ha ha! On seeing the title of your post, my first thought was "oh no! What if her friend reads this page!" Glad to see your chubby running buddy has four legs, not two!! ;)

  • Aww bless him! I can't take my old girl out anymore she is 14! She loves it to start with and then she realises that she can't go fast anymore and almost comes to a stop! I put my trainers on and she runs upstairs now as if to say 'sod that I'm not going'!!!!!

    Well done Max!

    E xxx

  • Bless her! Max hasn't realised he is getting old yet! It is fun but a bit distracting because they have to sniff and wee and wander so there was as much waiting and walking as running. My knee appreciated a bit of an easy time though, back on the programme next week

  • I often take my springer we did 13k last Sunday I had to run past my house as wanted to round up my KMs and when she realised we weren't stopping I had to drag her the last bit. Of course she can have 30 mins rest and be ready to do it all again I was finished ;)

  • Wow, I would be too frightened to own a Springer, I have seen them after a long walk, covered in mud and water and looking for another walk, their energy is fantastic but I don't think I am up to it nowadays. Great to take them sometimes though, good to have some company - I always run alone which I like but if I met a like minded person would be brilliant to go out with someone and Max is my little friend, so great to be with him - and he has piled on weight in the last year so will help him to get trim!

  • Four legs so four times the pain ๐Ÿ˜ Gorgeous baby.

    How about getting a sling and carrying him across your back when he slows down? ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Not sure he would like that! He's a nervous little mam, very proud of him though, he behaved like a gentleman and if I had kept running, he would have too - didn't want to put him off on his first trail run. Pretty brave, he said a shy "hello" to a young ran French Bulldog, jumped over a stream and teetered on the narrow path next to a narrow river. A shared adventure! Planning to go out again once a week for one of my countryside 5ks!

  • Aww, a tickle behind his ears and a kiss on his nose

  • My husband used to put our JR into his running top which had a handy pull cord round the hips so he could pull it tight and keep the dog contained on the outward leg of his run. He then let him run the return leg home. I can't imagine running with a phone in my pocket let alone a Jack Russell stuffed down my top! He hadn't an ounce of fat on him though!

    It makes me laugh the way dogs always zig zag. Infuriating at times but it's just what a dog has to do. LOL

  • I love it, Max is carrying some extra weight (as am I) so I do not think stuffing him down my C25K T shirt would work for either of us LOL! dogs have a lot of business to attend to which causes the zig zagging but it is great to take him from time to time (not on a "serious" run though)!! He made me chill out because usually I run and do not walk for anything but I did enjoy the adventure more

  • Lovely post, Julie, and lovely little chap...he deserves a good rest and a treat! :)

  • He doesn't even seem worn out, sure he would go again today LOL

  • wot a cutie!!

    Just lost my dog... a springer spaniel called Rolo..he died at home last sad

    we do miss him


  • Bless you, I have never had a SS but they look like very kind and energetic dogs. So sorry to hear ur sad news. Did you ever take the dog running with you, sure he could go on for hours when he was younger!

  • joolie

    yes we did runs together... god we must have run/walked miles in his 11 and a half years together..he was so energetic and loved the trails and grass

    Ill miss him lots,,


  • Sounds like you had a very good friend and now so many happy memories too, sad to have lost him - some dogs are irreplaceable โ˜น

  • yes will probably not get another one...he was as you say irreplaceable..

  • Oh Julie, what a cheeky chappie! He is absolutely gorgeousโ˜บ!

  • Aaah. My Lucy is 12 1/2 and doesn't do fast walking now let alone running. I have to walk her first then go out for myself afterwards. Love to think of all you running with dogs people though.

    Used to do agility with Lu though so she had her day....:) ๐Ÿถ

  • Happy memories x

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