Why am I still wibbly wobbly?

I am on Week 5 run 2 tomorrow after work, My weight is going up and down by three pounds but is definitley not coming off! I am doing this because I want to be fit and I love running/jogging (now I am getting used to it) but my secret thoughts were also looking forward to a fit body too. I have been utterly terrified of the 20 minute run at the end of this week but coming for a quick visit on here has chilled me out a little about that as people are doing it so it must be possible! Right? Just wanted to share my vent :)

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  • It is indeed possible. I don't think there is a person who have done it who didn't look at it with fear. Just take it slowly and you will be fine.

    As for weight, is your diet the same?

  • Thanks, I am trying to be healthier and my portion sizes have naturally come down with the exercise going up (a nice suprise). I still have naughty food though but it is definitely healthier overall! If for no other reason than to lighten the load that I hope to drag at running speed for 30 minutes in week 9 :)

  • Vent away!! I didn't lose any weight til after graduation, but you will find your overall shape will really change and firm up! I still have a bit of a jelly belly going on and thats the bit thats gradually firming up too now( on the weeks when i'm fairly good food wise !) Just off to SW weigh in a bit later tonight and think i will have gone back up a bit but you never know!! You will i bet surprise yourself with the 20 min run, it really is achievable and not half as bad as you expect! :)

  • Oh W5R3 is definitely possible! Try not to worry about it, just take it nice and steady and I am sure you will be fine. I didn't start this to lose weight as such, but it did start coming off slowly, but really only once I'd graduated and the runs started to get a bit longer. I found that I started to eat a little more healthily too and was a bit more conscious of what I was eating and the amount because I didn't want all my hard work at running to go to waste. Just stick with it, is what I say x

  • Well done for getting this far. All of us have felt how you felt about the 20min but believe me you can do it. As Laura says follow the programme and you will improve. I also wanted to help my weight loss, and find an exercise that fitted with my lifestyle, but have found my body shape changing more than my weight. I have a waist nearly and my knee high boots are loose. Keep it up and it will come.

  • Hi Redfinn, I am doing W5R3 tomorrow, I have been thinking about it all week. It is doable as people on here have proved, so I am just going to take it steady and go for it. I will let you know how I go on. Ive still got my muffin top but it is definitely getting smaller. Good luck for tomorrow, we can do it ! Who dares wins and all that :-) xx

  • I would recommend using myfitnesspal...its the only way to lose weight whilst running...and well done on your progress :)

  • W5R3 does look terrifying when you see it written down, but it really is surprisingly manageable. I did it last Friday, harbouring the same doubts and apprehensions but please don't dread it: you CAN do it and you WILL do it and afterwards you'll be beaming from ear to ear wondering what all the fuss was about. GOOD LUCK! :-)

  • I was worried about that 20 minutes but I set out telling myself that I could do it and I did. Be positive, you have done all the prep work, you can and you will do it. Slow and steady.

  • The 20 minute run surprised me because it was the first one I vaguely enjoyed, such a massive sense of achievement when you get it done! In my first week I thought I would die running for 90 seconds! As for the weight loss, I have eventually lost just under a stone and just short of 3 inches on the hips, but it did really start to take shape after graduation as Aliboo says... Down a dress size. Definitely much firmer and keep prodding my thighs in happy disbelief! You will get there. Keep it up! :)

  • Thanks for all the great messages - hope officially reinstalled :)

    My friend did the 20 minutes before work today and said it went well. It is so great that there is so many of us doing this. I joined a running club last week for the beginners course and though I like running on my own it's nice to meet with them once a week too and run with fellow newbies :)

  • There is no need to be terrified about the 20 minute run. If you can, try to take a philosophical view of it - it's a small thing to achieve in the general scheme of life. When I did it I'd just had test results for a potentially life threatening illness (I was okay thank goodness) and had signed up to do R4L by way of celebration. So, I told myself from then on that I was now an athlete in training and I was totally calm about it - the run went beautifully for me. With regard to still being wibbly wobbly - have you considered doing something like Pilates on your rest days - it really tones the body and quite quickly. Good luck with the rest of W5 and my best wishes to you.

  • Ahahahah! I too have to do my W5R3 tomorrow! Even though I have read so many encouraging posts here, I am dreading the thought of running for 20 minutes! I run with my 14 year old daughter and she is also worried about it. This topic has been a family talk for this week! My boys (18 and 10 yo + hubby) are tired of discussing our strategies and hearing complaints! Completing this programme was my idea and I then dragged my daughter along (she rather be sitting at home reading!). I feel that I need to be strong and encouraging for her as she needs to become fitter and lose some weight ( btw...so do I!). So...tomorrow at 7 AM we are going to be off. Laura, of course, is coming with us. Bella, our yellow Labrador, will stay at home as I will have to be concentrating on my breathing and run and will not have the mental power to be looking out for her. Putney Heath, ready or not here we come!

  • It is brilliant that you are running with your daughter. The self belief, confidence and determination that will be boosted by completing C25k, as well as the physical well being, are things that most teenagers could do with but are most resistant to. W5R3 just requires a comfortable steady pace, well within your capabilities and you and your daughter will be so proud of yourselves and one another that I predict it will live in both your memories for many years to come.

    Good luck and prepare to grin wider than ever before.

  • Hey All,

    Not sure if anyone will see this as the posts have died out but I did it - and everyone was right - it is totally possible :) To anyone else who hasn't done it yet - just take your time and look after yourself - and as Laura says - there is no shame in repeating the week if we need to :) I did make the mistake of doing run 2 and 3 on two consecutive days though as my cat needed urgent vet visit on my normal run day and then I was booked on the other side too. My knees have protested so I am having two rest days before I start again! However, yay us whatever week we are in because I think it's great we are working so hard at getting fit :)

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